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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Against Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar

Lawsuit is filed alleging that while performing hernia surgery on patient Michael Scinocca, Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar removed patient’s testicles due to poor surgical technique.

It is alleged that Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar breached the standard of care they owed to patient Michael Scinocca by failing to provide reasonable and competent medical treatment and monitoring. 

On December 2013 Dr. Levin performed bilateral open hernia repair on patient Scinocca.  On May 2014 Dr. Levin performed an open right inguinal hernia repair.  On June 2014 patient Michael Scinocca was brought into the ER at Summerlin Hospital for swelling and pain in the scrotum.  At the Summerlin Hospital Michael was seen by Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar where Dr. Bhatnagar recommended an emergency drainage of the hematoma & possible abscesses as well as irrigation of the wound.

On June 10th 2014, surgery was done by Dr. Bhatnagar.  The procedure was described as drainage of right scrotal hematoma.  On October 2014, patient Scinocca underwent an MRI of the pelvis.  It was noted that the right and left testicle are not identified within the scrotum or within the pelvis.  In follow up examination of the June 10th 2104 surgery done by Dr. Bhatnagar revealed that Mr. Scinocca had neither his right nor left testicles.  Due to loss of testicles, Michael Scinocca is not fertile any more.

Defendant hired a Physician expert Dr. Vincent Pesiri, board certified surgeon from Michigan to review the medical records and related diagnostic films.  Under oath Dr. Pesiri  reports that at issue is the infertility and loss of both testicles of patient Michael Scinocca after being treated by Dr. Amy Levin and Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar of Advanced Laparoscopic & General Surgery of Nevada. 

It is Dr. Pesiri’s professional opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that Dr. Levin & Dr. Bhatnagar deviated from the accepted standard of care in their treatment of Michael Scinocca. 

An expert Pathologist Dr. Robert Jones from South Carolina wrote in his report that the testicular tissue was removed from the scrotum.  When the tissue is removed, this renders the patient infertile as to the testicle as sperm cannot be produced.  It is alleged that both testicles were removed by Dr. Pankaj Bhatnagar during the June 10th 2014 surgery.

Lawsuit alleges that Advance Laparoscopic & General Surgery of Nevada is vicariously liable for damages resulting from the injuries to Michael Scinocca.  As a result Mr. Scinocca sustained permanent injuries resulting in continuing medical treatment and disability.  Due to the loss of his testicles, Mr. Scinocca sustained personal permanent injuries and has had to endure extreme pain & suffering with future medical and other expenses.  Further the lawsuit states that Dr. Bhatnagar without the consent or knowledge of his patient, Michael Scinocca, removed both of his testicles.

Patient Michael Scinocca claims that the treatment by Dr. Levin and Dr. Bhatnagar was below the standard of care and testicles should not be compromised by a hernia surgery.  The patient started out with two testicles and is now left with no testicles and 0 sperm count.  Mr. Scinocca through his attorneys is demanding a trial by jury in this matter.

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