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Naveen Veeramisti, Ph.D. Named Outstanding UNLV Graduate

During the Spring 2017 commencement ceremony at the UNLV – University of Nevada Las Vegas, President Len Jessup honored Naveen Veeramisti as an outstanding UNLV graduate.

UNLV has a commencement tradition for the president to select and highlight exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

Naveen Veeramisti graduated from UNLV with a Ph.D. and an impressive 3.58 GPA in Civil Engineering, currently performs traffic and operational studies throughout Nevada with CA Group, Inc.  Naveen is a transportation expert who is working rigorously to make our roadways safer.

For more than 10 years at UNLV – where Naveen earned a master’s degree and now a Ph.D. in engineering while working as a research associate – Naveen has been involved in traffic safety research that can be used by transportation agencies to guide infrastructure improvements and policy decisions.

He has developed a system that can forecast crash patterns, helping decision makers anticipate safety performance and make our roadways safer before accidents happen.

“Traffic safety is an area where we can contribute to the community as well as home,” said Veeramisti. “There are profound issues to address, and by identifying roadway segments and corridors with potential for engineering safety improvements, we can reduce fatalities and serious injuries and that is very motivating.”

Naveen has published six peer-reviewed journal articles and nine peer-reviewed conference papers, and he is working on a possible patent submission. His plans include teaching transportation engineering courses at UNLV.

Prior to coming to UNLV, Naveen graduated from the University of Madras with BE in Civil Engineering.

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