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Nephew Sue Uncle for Peonage and Forced Labor Without Monetary Compensation

H Singh has filed a lawsuit in the federal court for not paying wages for over two years for managing the gas station and a motel in Northern Nevada owned by his uncle R Singh.

As per the lawsuit, H Singh provided labor at defendant R Singh’s commercial businesses, performing non-managerial tasks beginning April 2018.  Plaintiff Singh routinely worked long hours, often as many as 15 hours per day, seven days per week. Singh is accusing his uncle employer of paying him next to nothing.  On at least one occasion, defendants purported to pay the plaintiff, but those transactions were sham transactions, i.e., defendants required the plaintiff to almost immediately transfer almost all of the monies ostensibly paid to the plaintiff back to his defendant uncle. 

Defendant Singh actually paid a total of approximately one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for years of labor.  Plaintiff hereby requests a jury trial as more than $75,000.00 is at issue. 

As per the court filing, the defendant R. Singh knowingly, or with reckless disregard, derived financial benefit from the plaintiff’s H. Singh labor, which as stated was obtained through a combination of force, intimidation, threats of serious harm, physical abuse, and the withholding of plaintiff’s immigration documents in conjunction with threats of deportation.  It is alleged the defendant continues to withhold such documents from the plaintiff.

“The above case is a classic case among the immigrant communities across the state where undocumented workers are taken advantage of by their employers and sometimes by their own relatives”, said a local immigrant attorney.

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