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No Leaf Unturned at Curry Leaf

In an already over-crowded field of Indian restaurants in the valley, Curry Leaf stands out as one of the most authentic in Las Vegas.

With over 20 Indian restaurants throughout the city, mostly located near the Strip corridor, Curry Leaf is a refreshing change for local Indian food aficionados, especially for those residing in the western suburbs of Las Vegas.’s Editor along with a few friends decided to review the food quality, ambiance, and service at the newly opened Curry Leaf. 


As a group, we could not stop praising the food quality and exceptional service by Curry Leaf’s staff throughout our meal.  However, our visit got off to a unpleasant start as there was no staff at the beautifully appointed hostess counter when we entered.   After making our own way into the main dining area, the staff at the bar quickly noticed our presence and welcomed us.  Within a few minutes the attentive staff arranged a table for our group.   The newly opened restaurant was busy; a positive sign in an already hyper-competitive restaurant business.  Once we sat down the restaurant manager/server Navjot Singh was exceptionally cordial in welcoming the group and gave a great review of the food and the restaurant’s backstory. 

The contemporary designed bar is smartly stocked with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.   The most noticeable décor item is a wall mural of various Indian Gods, transporting a diner into feeling as if they are entering a house of worship rather than a restaurant.  In general, the overall interior décor is a gentle mix of Indian traditionalist design, mixed with modernist wall coverings and beautiful Indian rustic life-style photographs.

As our dinner began, we ordered an assortment of appetizers, including Macchi (Tilapia) Amritsari, Aaloo Chat, Chili Paneer, and the Samosa Trio.  All of these starters were perfectly cooked in a proper spice blend.  Chunks of Tilapia were soft from the inside while crunchy and fully pocketed in a deep-fried spicy batter on the outside.  The Samosa Trio was something atypical, three samosas with three unique filings – potatoes, peas and corn, and paneer.  Lastly, the Chili Paneer was a knockout highlight taken over the top by Curry Leaf’s own freshly made Indo-Chinese spicy sauce.  The mango lassi and beer served in chilled glasses were the perfect accompaniment to the appetizers.

The Chef’s Special Selections provide for Curry Leaf’s standout appeal, which include unique dishes, such as Tandoori Salmon, Meen Moilee, and Lamb Nihari.  In a contemporary take on the traditional Indian restaurant concept, the curry bowl menu gives diners a choice of meat or vegetables delicately blended with a choice of one of many different sauces/gravies that provide for an expert replication of the culinary diversity of India.  The vegetarian menu is not as diverse as one expects in an Indian restaurant; noticeably absent are the basic staple vegetarian dishes like cauliflower, okra, mushrooms, baby eggplants, punjabi kadhi, shahi/matar paneer, etc.  Overall though, the expertly crafted adventurous menu exceeds the absence of the standards that often do little to entice one’s palette. 

Freshly baked Naans, both plain and garlic, were perfectly charred on the exterior while soft and pillow-like on the interior. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant’s “bullet” nans which were generously stuffed with spicy potatoes, paneer, a blend of onions, cilantro and green chilies.  The thickness and flavor of the stuffing is more of an Amritsari Kulcha, a staple across the much acclaimed dhabas of Punjab. 

Our attentive server, Mr. Singh, informed us that Curry Leaf is owned by Ritesh Patel, former Executive Chef of Saffron Indian Restaurant in Northwest Las Vegas.  Noticeably, the restaurant is providing for some welcomed competition to many of the long-standing, mediocre Indian cuisine offerings around the Valley.  Based on our experience, highly recommends Curry Leaf for their delectable food and will be back very soon to sample more of their Indian culinary delights.  

Curry Leaf is located at 5025 S. Fort Apache [on Tropicana], Las Vegas.  Phone 702.527.7977

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