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Now Open – Sree Ganesh Center

Former priest of Hindu Temple Panditji Shri Krushna, Ph.D., opened Sree Ganesh Center to provide spiritual and religious services to the growing and prosperous Las Vegas Hindu community.

In 2001, Pandit Krusna was hired by the then newly opened Hindu Mandir in Las Vegas.  Since opening in 2001 till 2014, Pandit Krusna was instrumental in directing the growth of the Hindu Mandir.  For 14 years, Panditji was singularly responsible for providing daily religious services to the Hindu and Jain community. 

With ever demand from community and longer distance to commute to the Hindu Mandir located in Summerlin area Pandit Krusna opended Sree Ganesh Center in growing Southwest Las Vegas to provide Hindu religious services.  Sree Ganesh Center is open seven days a week.  

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