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Omar Nagy Sues Bank of Nevada

The 10-page complaint filed in US District Court by Omar Nagy regarding his employment with the bank of Nevada and the hostile work environment he suffered under his new supervisor.  Omar is seeking relief for discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Previously Omar filed a lawsuit in 2016 to seek relief for FMLA retaliation and interference.

Omar Nagy, Vice President & Senior Real Estate Loan Officer, fired by the management files a lawsuit for illegal firing alleging his ouster was driven by the hostile work environment at the Bank of Nevada.  Omar is seeking relief under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The lawsuit claims that Nagy was a qualified individual with a disability and was regarded by Bank of Nevada as being disabled.

Up until 2103, Nagy’s employment with the bank of Nevada had been filled with positive performance reviews, stock option grants and annual increases in pay.  However, all this changed when around October 2013 Nagy had a new supervisor William “Bill” Oakley.  It was at this point when Nagy began suffering hostile, unfair treatment from his supervisor, Bill Oakley.  Oakley reduced Nagy’s stock options and only gave him a one percent salary raise.  At that time, Nagy complained to the Human Resources which in turn concluded Nagy did not deserve the stock options.

In 2014, Oakley disciplined Nagy for having applied for a license to grow medical marijuana and wrote Nagy up for conducting business with an attorney with whom the bank conducted business.  Oakley also disciplined Nagy for having a real estate license and claimed, without any substantive evidence, Nagy had diverted lending opportunities from the bank.  Due to these two combined infractions, Nagy was placed on a final written warning.

In 2015 performance review Nagy received three “distinguished” ratings, two “excels”, two “achieved”, one “marginal” and one “unsatisfactory”.  Oakley called Nagy’s overall 2015 performance “marginal”.  In response, Nagy disputed his overall performance rating and he was being penalized by Oakley for a mistake that took place over one-and-a-half years before which had no financial impact on the bank.

Additionally, Nagy has alleged that he is being retaliated against for using family leave (FMLA).  In June 2016, Nagy applied for medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.  Nagy went to see Dr. Javaid Anwar who determined Nagy suffered the serious health conditions of stress and anxiety disorders which led to headaches and dizziness.  Dr. Anwar recommended Nagy to take FMLA for approximately two months.  In July 2016, Human Resources at the Bank of Nevada sent an email to Nagy demanding he meets with Bank of Nevada without an attorney to discuss FMLA. Nothing was emailed to Nagy’s counsel.

It is alleged that In July 2016, Nagy learned Bank of Nevada had accused him of conspiring with Dr. Javaid Anwar to commit ‘FMLA Fraud’.  At that time, Bank of Nevada insisted Nagy must end his FMLA leave to come and talk to the bank.  On July 7, 2016, Bank of Nevada terminated Nagy’s employment for a supposed conflict of interest, and his alleged failure to directly communicate with it regarding his FMLA.

Nagy subsequently filed a complaint with the EEOC regarding Bank of Nevada’s discriminatory and retaliatory actions.  Nagy is demanding a trial by jury, and for compensatory, and punitive damages along with reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.


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