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Origin India Restaurant Announces Collaboration with Paradise India to Create Southern Indian Cuisine

Origin India Restaurant joins forces with Paradise India to focus on Southern Indian cuisine.  Origin India, famous for its high ratings and unique experience to a new taste in multi-regional Indian cuisine in Las Vegas, has now expanded to include Paradise India with a focus on traditional Southern Indian cuisine.

Paradise India’s Chef William Bathini, originally from Hyderabad, India, has a degree in hotel management and culinary arts from Pune, India.  He has been a professional top line chef for over 15 years and will be an Executive Chef for both Paradise India & Origin India.

Origin India’s owner Raja Majid said, “Origin India’s menu has been known to feature innovative takes on classic Indian cuisine, but with an emphasis on Southern Indian cuisine, presented with a modern and refined flair, which is why this collaboration to include Chef William Bathini is so exciting. Chef Bathini is very focused on Southern Indian preparation of cooking which is flavorful and much healthier.”

Chef William Bathini of Paradise India

Both restaurants will continue to present creative takes on traditional Indian food with vegetarian entrees. “I am excited about this collaboration and to focus on a dining style,” says Chef William Bathini. “There are noticeable differences between the styles of cooking because of the spices we use and the areas the spices grow. South Indians more widely use coconut in food preparation and have relied more on rice, vegetables, and seafood.”

Southern Indian food is widely known for its nutrition, fragrance, flavors, seasoning, taste and visual appeal. Chef William Bathini’s desire to create an authentic Indian food franchise with his style of preparation and fresh ingredients formed the partnership with Origin India, where he will transition Origin India into primarily a mix of both, Northern & Southern Indian cuisine to the delight of many.

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