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Pakistani American Physicians Donates Copiously to US Congress and Senate Candidates

With unprecedented controversies and acrimonious campaigns on daily basis by the candidates from the two major political parties, the candidates are raising copious amounts for an upcoming November election.

For the past 15 years, this publication has been keeping a close tab on all the political donations from the local Indian sub-continent community.  Remarkably, the 2018 election is bringing new donors to the political arena. A few months back vegasdesi published a list of all the donors, amount and the recipients for the local and state-wide elections.

After extensive research and analysis of the campaign reports vegasdesi has concluded that as of today, 2018 elections brought in approximately $100,000 in donations for the candidates running for US Congress and US Senate.  Almost all of the donations are from Pakistani American Physician community. It appears that the local Indian-American Physician political activists are watching the political drama from the sidelines and not donating much to the candidates running for US Congress and Senate.

Here’s the list of candidates and how much each raised campaign dollars from the Southern Nevada’s growing and prosperous Indian sub-continent community…

  • US Senate Candidate Dean Heller (R) – $36,566
  • US Senate Candidate Jacky Rosen (R) – $22,500
  • US Congressional Candidate Dina Titus (D) – $3,500
  • US Congressional Candidate Steven Horsford (D) – $3,500
  • US Congressional Candidate Susie Lee (D) – $27,600
  • US Congressional Candidate Danny Tarkanian (R) – $6,250
  • US Congressional Candidate Cresent Hardy (R) – None

Dr. Javaid Anwar ($7,350) is the top donor to the above candidates, followed by Farhan Naqvi ($5,400), Dr. Shamoon Ahmed ($5,000), Dr. Ikram Khan ($4,750) and Dr. Tanveer Akbar ($4,000).  Interestingly, one dedicated donor, Vinod Kumar Gadley has donated religiously to the US Senate candidate Jacky Rosen with donations ranging from $1 to $250 in 73 different transactions totaling $1,366.

Incumbent US Senator Dean Heller topped the list of recipients with $36,566, followed by a US Congressional candidate Susie Lee who raised over $27,500.  Surprisingly, former US Congressman Steven Horsford (D) fell out of favor with the donors who is running against a former Congressman Cresent Hardy (R).

Please click below for the detailed list of donors, amount, profession, and frequency of donation with a date of donation.  Donations to Congress and Senate Candidates

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