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Perween Rehman Fellowship: In Second Year

Perween Rehman Fellowship Program was initiated in year 2014, in memory and as dedication to Perween Rehman and her internationally recognized work, in support of underprivileged which had spread out in many countries worldwide.  

Las Vegan Dr. Anis Khair, brother of late Ms. Perween Rehman informs of second year in succession and continuation of Perween Rehman Fellowship.   Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Bangkok, Thailand, initiated the Perween Rehman Fellowship Program, so that Perween Rehman’s work for underprivileged, continue in Perween’s Rehman spirit and innovation, through educated and trained, young international men and women.

In year 2014, Perween Rahman Fellowship program offered students from Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia and Fiji.

Perween Rahman Fellowship nurtures new generation of architects in provision of service to poor of  world, in the essence of Perween Rehman’s modus operandi, which was to work, one on one, with the people, so that one could work closely with the supported populace.  This mode of operation had made an impact in the lives of the poor, Perween Rehman served.

Perween Rehman Fellowship program will continue to provide education to persons who after learning will provide service to poor and under-privilege of this world.


Details and Application for Perween Rehman Fellowship Program, check links below:


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