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Perween Rehman Educational Fellowship Program

Perween Rehman fellowship program to provide educational funding for the new generation of social worker.

Perween Rehman, a Pakistani advocate of poor, urban developer, an architect, a teacher, known nationally and internationally, for her selfless and relentless humanitarian work for the past 30 years, was murdered on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013, in Karachi, Pakistan, by assailants, yet to be identified.

Perween Rehman’s relentless philanthropic work in support of underprivileged has been extensively chronicled by western media.  Perween Rehman is lost to millions of people, who depended on her expertise in Pakistan and in many other countries, such as, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Namibia, Indonesia, Philippines  and more. 

Perween was an invited speaker to several European countries, Central Asian countries, Africa and United States.  Perween was considered the world’s foremost expert in urban development.   In memory of Perween Rehman and to continue her work,  Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Bangkok, Thailand, had initiated a fellowship program, Perween Rehman Fellowship.  This fellowship program has recently offered students from Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia and Fiji.

Perween Rehman Fellowship program will continue to provide education to persons who after learning will provide service to poor and under-privilege of this world.

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NPR broadcasted a special commentary on Ms. Perween Rehman for her dedicated wok in the slums of Karachi. 

Perween Rehamns’s interview – 

Impact of Ms. Rehman’s Project

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