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Rajan Zed pleads Hindus to continue leading in marriage rates

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has appealed to the fellow Hindus to continue leading in marriage rates in USA as compared to other religious groups, and upholding the sanctity of the marriage.

The survey by Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life indicated that Hindus topped in marriage with 79% married, followed by Mormons at 71%, while the national total was 54%. Only 5% (lowest than any other group) Hindus were divorced or separated, followed by Mormons, Orthodox, Jews and Muslims at 9%, while the national total was 12%. Very few Hindus (lowest than any other group) were living with a partner, followed by Jehovah’s Witnesses at 1%, while the national total was 6%. Among the widowed also, Hindus were lowest at 2% followed by Muslims at 3%.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement, pointed out that in Hinduism, vivah (marriage) was the most important samskar (sacrament). Married couple was looked as a complete module for worship and participation in cultural/social acts. With the marriage samskar, one thoroughly entered into grihasth-ashram (householder phase), where one could attend to the goals of dharm (duty).

Rajan Zed stressed that institution of marriage was shrinking worldwide but he had faith in Hindu youth who clearly knew from their parents that marriage was vital for our community, provided a stable foundation and had no substitutes. God intended us to marry and marriage fulfilled our soul’s spiritual/emotional yearnings. Sexual relations found best expression within the precincts of marriage and marriage was much more than just sex. Zedadvised couples entering marriage to practice their faith and pray together, be emotionally mature and flourish in spiritual intimacy.

Introduced by the sage Svetaketu in pre-BCE period, marriage in Hinduism was considered sacrosanct and the highest duty or dharma and was binding not only this life but in the life hereafter, Zed indicated.

Rajan Zed, concerned over the over-commercialization of Hindu weddings, urged Hindus worldwide to bring back holiness and simplicity to weddings. Indulgence in lavish expenditures, self-promotion, image-consciousness, over extravagance and egocentrism should be kept out of these sacred moments. Over-extravagance diluted its seriousness, solemnity, purpose and purity; Zed noted.

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