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Rajeev Arrested for Assaulting Nurse

Rajeev (last name withheld) was arrested for assaulting a nurse at the Sunrise Hospital.  In a criminal complaint filed late last year, Rajeev is charged with a crime of a battery on a protected person, a gross misdemeanor.  While going treatment at the Sunrise hospital, Rajeev attacked a registered nurse on duty by punching her with his closed right fist, on the left side of her face.  Rajeev was admitted to Sunrise Hospital as legal hold.  At that time, no psychiatric hospital will accept Rajeev until all his external injuries heal up.  During his stay at Sunrise, Rajeev was uncooperative with the medical staff.

As Rajeev was in the hospital, he was booked in absentia at the Clark County Detention Center.

At the initial court hearing, Rajeev declined the appointment of the Public Defender and decided to represent himself.  However, currently, Rajeev is being represented by the Public Defender.

Later, Rajeev was remanded to the Rawson Neal for participation in the Misdemeanor Diversion Program.


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