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Recommendation on Ballot Questions

Most of the voters have no knowledge on the upcoming ballot questions.  Vegasdesi is providing herewith the succinct description and how to vote on the issues impacting our community.

Question 1 – Background Check Initiative.  Vote YES

When someone buys a gun or any firearm from a local authorized licensed dealer, one must go through a criminal background check.  However, currently the buyers buying the firearms through the gun shows, online or through private parties don’t have to go through a background check.  Voting YES will plug the loophole on avoiding background checks.  Click here for an extensive information on this issue…


Question 2 – Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana.  Vote NO

Few years back, the legislatures approved Medicinal Marijuana.  Currently there are multiple shops selling medicinal marijuana.  The sticking point on this initiative is that only few powerful people will get the licenses to operate and sell marijuana.  This initiative will allow licenses to the current holder of medicinal marijuana license and to those who have a wholesale liquor license for more than 18 months.  This means that the licenses will be given only to a few local powerful individuals.  No free-market principles will be considered to allow entrepreneurs to invest their resources to open a marijuana outlets.  Locally, almost all the smoke shops in Las Vegas are owned by immigrants from India sub-continent and with that type of business background no one will get the benefit of owning a recreational marijuana shop. 

This will give monopoly powers to existing medical marijuana retailers and liquor wholesalers, while criminalizing Nevada citizens growing marijuana within 25 miles of the proponents’ pot shops.  The initiative is a special interest ‘business plan’ crafted by and for large marijuana industry donors. VOTE NO.  For further information on this issues click here…


Question 3 – Energy Choice.  Vote YES

Voting YES will provide energy consumers to have more options with a right to choose the provider of their electrical utility service.  Currently, retail customers have only one source, Nevada Energy, to buy their power needs.  This initiative, if passed, will bring free market competition to current monopolized energy markets.  VOTE YES.


Question 4 – Medical Patient Tax Relief Act.  Vote YES

This initiative will provide sales and use tax exemptions for individuals requiring certain medical equipment.  VOTE YES for lowering the financial burden on people going through medical issues. More information, please click here…


Question 5 – Fuel Revenue Indexing.  Vote NO

This initiative will hit gasoline customers financially through December 2026.  Nevada has one of the highest gasoline prices in the nation along with highest vehicle registration cost.  Currently, the gasoline tax is approximately $.522 per gallon, again one of the highest in the nation.  Bureaucrats and unions are looking for increase the tax tied with the rate of inflation to use your tax dollars for the sole purpose of improving County roads.  Currently all the public contracts have a strong prevailing wage rates requirement which adds considerable amount to the cost of the project.  Prevailing wage rates are way higher than true market rates for construction jobs.  Example, a bricklayer on public projects with prevailing wage rates makes an exorbitant $46.88/hour compared to far less than the market hourly rates for bricklayer in private sector projects. Voters can’t afford increase in gasoline prices. Vote NO.  For more information on this issue, please click here…

2016 Unbelievable Prevailing Wage Rates in Clark County…

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