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Diwali Celebrations by Friends of India

As the Las Vegas economy is almost back to near normal, the Friends of India has announced an upcoming Diwali celebrations. All the current COVID restrictions, as recommended by the local health authorities, will be observed.

The annual Diwali celebrations will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021 on the Strip at the TI Hotel & Casino. Tickets are moderately priced at $30 per person for members, and $35 per person for non-members which include a gourmet freshly prepared Indian buffet along with live entertainment. The best value in town for $30. Tickets are available at

The non-religious Diwali celebrations will be held at the TI Hotel & Casino on the Strip with a live performance by a well known US based entertainer duo Rram Tasildar and Bhavna Chawla of Roshini Productions.

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