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Second Quarter Campaign Financials From Indian-American Candidates Released

After succeeding in their respective primary races, two Indian American candidates, Radhika Pochapally-Kunnel for Assembly District 2 and Swadeep Nigam for Regent, University System, had the ardent task of raising funds for the upcoming general election on November 3rd, 2020. All candidates running for public office were required to file their second quarter financial reports by Wednesday, July 15. 

Based on the filed reports, Democrat Kunnel, candidate for Assembly District 2, started her fundraising efforts in November 2019. For the second quarter ending on June 30th, Kunnel raised $2,618 from six donors, plus an additional commitment from Former US Senator Harry Reid for a future donation of $900.  Kunnel spent over $8,600 during the second quarter on her primary campaign. Moving forward to the general election in November, Kunnel has $2,546 in funds on hand.  During the same second Quarter fundraising period, Kunnel’s Republican opponent, Heidi Kasama, raised over $16,600 with a $63,600 cash-on-hand balance for the general election. Assembly District 2, which covers the Summerlin area, is considered a Republican leaning district.

In the non-partisan race for Regent, University System, District 3, Nigam has raised over $15,400 in the second quarter and spent $ 2,400, a majority of which was on social media advertising.  As of June 30th, Nigam had over $13,000 in the bank for general election expenses. Nigam did not raise any funds before the June 9th primaries; his second quarter funding came in once it was confirmed that he would be continuing on to the general election.  Nigam’s opponent, Byron Brooks, was unable to keep pace, raising just shy of $2000, based on his filed report.  Moving forward, Nigam’s opponent has $400 in funds on hand for the general election.

As campaigns for the general election continues, third Quarter financial reports will be due on October 15th, 2020.

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