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Shree Saini Competes in Miss World America

Shree Saini, a former Miss India USA, and Miss India Worldwide, is visiting Las Vegas to compete in the Miss World America title to be held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino from October 10th-12th, 2019.


Shree, a graduate of the University of Washington, is an accomplished speaker, commentator, model, and a passionate dancer.  Shree was recently recognized by the Washington State Senate for her contribution and commitment to many non-profit charitable organizations.  Shree is on a speaking circuit and has talked about choosing kindness, empathy, and choosing resilience during the tough times.

Shree has led her life with ardent support for kindness, compassion, humility, and encouraging words with a profusely positive impact on the people and communities we live in. Early on Shree faced many challenges due to multiple health-related issues, however, she overcame such impediments with positive thoughts and volunteering her time for multiple causes.  Shree has traveled extensively to spread her message of emotional fitness and has raised a copious amount of money to assist the underprivileged.  

Shree’s humble work has earned her numerous honors from Miss World organization, Washington Secretary of State and Governor, University Presidents, Miss Universe Organization, and wellknown celebrities.

As Miss World America, Shree wants to continue spreading her message of early heart health checkups and choosing endless kindness. 

Most recently Shree has been honored with the appointment of National Ambassador for Victoria’s Voicea charity established by billionaire owners of Westgate Hotel Casino David Siegel and Jackie Siegel in memory of their daughter who passed away at a young age due to the drug overdose.  

Shree’s family is inviting readers with complimentary admission tickets to Ms. World America.  The family has bought tickets to be given out to the members of the local South Asian community.  The proceeds from the ticket sales are being donated to numerous charities. FOR COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS TO THE EVENT PLEASE CONTACT EKTA SAINI @ 509-690-7248

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