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Singh Pleads Guilty to Larceny. Found Competent to Face Charges.

After multiple twists to the ongoing case, R. Singh, 48, pleads guilty to larceny from a person, a category C felony under Nevada laws. Singh was charged with two felony counts of robbery and attempted robbery. Singh pleaded guilty to taking someone else’s property without their consent and intending to deprive them of it permanently.

Initially, reports from a psychologist and a psychiatrist found the defendant, Singh, incompetent and dangerous to himself and society. Singh’s Public Defender informed the court Singh was incompetent to proceed further. Subsequently, in a hearing, the court declared Singh incompetent as he was not capable of understanding the charges against him and would have been unable to assist his lawyer, a public defender, in his defense.  

With the competency determination, Singh was remanded to the custody of the Administrator of the Division of Mental Health Development Services for detention and treatment at a secure facility. After a couple of months in detention and treatment by the attending Physician and a Psychologists, the Administrator informed the court that Singh is of sufficient mental ability to be able to understand the nature of the criminal charges, is competent, and is able to assist his counsel, a public defender, in his defense. 

After pleading to the crimes as charged, Singh was sent for custody at the local detention center and waiting for sentencing.

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