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Summary Judgment Against Mukund Vasa

In an investment dispute between a local Indian Physician (name withheld) and Mukund Vasa, the court has granted a motion for summary judgment against Vasa in the amount of $85,471.  This publication previously reported the details on this litigation.

A motion for summary judgment asks the court to decide the case—before trial—in favor of the party making the motion, in this case, the Physician who accused Mr. Vasa of cheating.

The findings for summary judgment include the claims from a Physician which rose against defendant Mukund Vasa exerting control for his own benefit over funds entrusted to him by the plaintiff Physician for investment purposes. Despite the agreement between the parties, the stock and additional funds were not remitted from the joint investment account by Vasa to the Plaintiff Physician investor.  The findings also show that Vasa allocated losses from his own personal investment account that he incurred prior to the partnership account.  Investor Physician learned that Mukund Vasa sold stocks without prior authorization and transferred money from the joint account to Vasa’s and Vasa’s wife’s personal brokerage account.

Along with the Physician’s Motion for Summary Judgement granted by the District Court Judge, the judge has further ordered, adjudged and decreed that the Plaintiff Physician is entitled to recover of and from Vasa the amount of over $85,000.

From the beginning, this was an odd case of a trust, friendship, and community connection, where the local Indian wealthy Physician (name withheld) lost a significant amount of money to a fellow Indian retiree Mr. Mukund Vasa.  Mukund and his wife Vimi Vasa are active members of the local Las Vegas Indian community.  The retired Civil Engineer Mukund Vasa was accused by a prominent local Indian Physician of fraud, misrepresentation, co-mingling of investment funds, theft, and embezzlement.  A local business attorney was hired by the Physician to file a lawsuit demanding the return of original investment money.  Out of court settlement and other options recommended by the Physician was of no avail.

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3 Comments to Summary Judgment Against Mukund Vasa

  1. Desi Ameri says:

    Mukund Vasa deserves the punishment. Next step should be a criminal case.

  2. Mike says:

    It is unfortunate that , Mukund Vasa and his wife Vimi Vasa have tried to scam few people of Indian community. Vimi Vasa should come forward and return the money if Mukund Vasa refuses to return. How can a person beyond 80 years old can scam someone ?? It is mind boggling. No words to explain the mindset. It appears , they are professional scammer . Shame on this Gujju couple!!

  3. Desi Ameri. says:

    Mike, why do you call them “Gujju” couple? They don’t represent Gujaratis. They are just crooks, like people in any group, including your own, whoever you are. Are you prejudiced or jealous against the most successful Indian community in the world? You should have left your past in India. Your phony name hasn’t changed you a bit.

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