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Longtime Las Vegas resident Alka Kalla is looking for a kidney donor at the earliest. Ms. Kalla is looking for a donor with a blood type B+ or O.  Living kidney donation is safe and is widely accepted practice around the world and have saved thousands of precious life with no negative impact on donors’ health.

Currently national kidney transplant list has a long wait with thousands of people on the waiting list. Living kidney donation is the fastest and the best option for the recipient to live a normal healthy life.  At the time of this publication over 106,700 individuals are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, of which close to 64,000 people are in the active waiting list.

If you are a willing donor or know of someone who is willing to help Ms. Kalla in procuring a donated kidney, please call her ASAP at 702-710-9472.

For further education on donating kidney, please visit

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