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Will Trump leave office if he loses the election? – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

However unthinkable it is, many people have been wondering if President Trump will peacefully transfer power if he loses the upcoming election. The fear has become more intense as President Trump has maintained his strong opposition to ‘mail in ballots’. He has characterized them fraudulent although almost all experts of the US election process have said there is no evidence to suggest that. President Trump has refused to commit to a ‘peaceful’ transfer of power if he loses the election at the White House press conference on September 23, 2020 in answering a reporter’s question. He said – “Well, we will have to see what happens. I have been complaining very strongly about the ballots…The ballots are out of control”. This has immediately sent shock waves in the political circles. 

President Trump was in Nevada a week ago for a rally where he strongly criticized the state’s mail in ballot process and accused that it is rigged by its Democrat governor. The election process in the state is administered by the Secretary of State who happens to be an elected Republican official. The governor has no control over the election process. But that hasn’t prevented President Trump to make the accusation of rigged election in Nevada.

Many voters will be reluctant to vote in person this year because of the pandemic and will opt for mail in ballots. The law allows voters to mail it by November 3 for it to be considered valid. It might take considerable time for the states to finish counting the large number of mail in ballots. It is very conceivable in that situation that results from the ‘in person’ ballots may be reversed by the time the ‘mail in’ ballots are counted. If President Trump loses in that final count, he might play back his accusation of ‘rigged’ election. The intense turmoil about the election result may go on for quite some time. This is the scenario many are afraid of. 

Election results in question? It is time for the Supreme Court to step in just like it did in 2000 Florida count of George W Bush versus Al Gore presidential election after over a month long back & forth on ballot count and recount. Supreme Court on a 5-4 decision stopped the recount and gave Florida’s election victory with the 25 electoral votes to Bush which became decisive for him to become the President. No wonder President Trump is moving as fast as he can to install the nominee of his choice on the bench replacing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He said at September 23 press conference – “I think this will end up in the Supreme Court. And I think it’s very important that we have nine justices.” The Republicans have succeeded in lining up the necessary votes to get Trump’s nominee confirmed through the Senate possibly before November 3 which will result in a 6-3 margin in favor of the conservative justices. 

The country has gone through major political turmoil recently starting with 2016 election interference to the impeachment of the President. There is a deep division in the country as we head into the election. The worst may not be behind us yet. 


Nirmalya Chatterjee is an 11 year resident of Las Vegas.  He is a management consultant for consumer products and the hospitality industry. During his professional career, Nirmalya had several senior levels and ex-pat assignments. He was the Chief Financial Officer for Coors Brewing Company; Vice President of Finance for Las Vegas Sands Corporation; Sr. Vice President of Finance, Galaxy Entertainment Macau; and General Manager of Revlon India. Most recently, Nirmalya served as the Chairman of the Hindu Temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas.

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7 Comments to Will Trump leave office if he loses the election? – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

  1. Pradip Bhatt says:

    Nirmalya, Trump will try every thing under Blue Sky to remain in WH when BULLY LOOSES WITH HUGE ILECTORAL DEFEAT …. bully knows well he will lose BIG TIME …. And so he is preparing to 1. fight in Courts about “Mail In Voting” as Huge Fraud, 2. have Red and Blue States where GOP has majority in Legislation (even with Democratic Governor) override Voters choice and select Electoral Votes to go to Bully, 3. encouraging Militias and Bikers to riot and Much More! He thinks he is Hitler Reborn and Putin is encouraging him…. Cutting to the chase, Bully will be kicked out of WH and sent to FL … He may act like Bully but he is Coward otherwise he should go back to NYC!

    Coward Bully doing empty threats and calling people names knows he will have Criminal and Civil Suits waiting for him after January 21 when he is no longer WH Occupant. Bill Barr, Kushner, Pampeo, Manuschen and other Mobsters will be in Courts paying for all misdeeds they did in 2016 to 2020.

    Democrats will replace at least 7 GOP Senators (may be 10) gaining Senate Majority kicking McConnell’s behind! Democratic House majority willgo even higher.

    I can’t wait for America becomes America which was before 2016! I am in America since 1963 and I love America the way it has been before 2016! If Coward Bully wins, America will become like Russia or worse North America!

  2. P. P. Ram says:

    The article by chatterjee is one of the worst that I have ever seen.
    What a biased article. The author should quit writing.

  3. Yayavar says:

    According to a Joint Statement from Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council & the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees of the Department of Homeland Security, “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”So I am not sure what President Trump is fighting for. According to the Committee, there was no mail fraud committed during this election process. Since there is no fraud whatsoever committed in this election, and the people of the USA has spoken in favor of Mr. Biden, I think it will be wise on Mr. Trump’s part to leave the White House gracefully. There is no point in delaying the inevitable.

    • Nirmalya Chatterjee says:

      Mr Yayavar, Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely correct! My upcoming article to be published on VegasDesi shortly (titled – ‘From Trump to Biden – The Norm Busting Transition’)addresses the very point you have made. It appears that Republican Party leaders are humoring Mr. Trump in cheering him to launch the legal challenges in order to hang onto the support of the seventy one million people who voted for Mr. Trump. On the other hand, President-elect Biden understands this well and he is patiently waiting to let this drama play out knowing full well that in time Mr. Trump will have to vacate the WH on or before January 20, 2021.

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