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May, 2013


Justin Joseph Named Presidential Scholar and Wins National Merit Scholarship

The United States Presidential Scholars Program announce a selection of Justin Joseph as a 2013 Presidential Scholar from Nevada.  Additionally, National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced Justin Joseph one of this year’s National Merit $2500 Scholarship winner from Nevada.

Nevada Assembly opened with Hindu and Sikh Prayers

Nevada State Assembly in Carson City was invoked by a set of Hindu mantras, containing verses from world’s oldest existing scripture and Sikh prayer.

Las Vegan Nephrologist Dipti Shah in Musical Concert

With a passion for an Indian music, the Las Vegan Physician Dr. Dipti Shah got an opportunity to showcase her singing talent at the Bollywood Night.  

Mohan Keta Recognised by NV Governor for Outstanding Community Service

The Governors’ Commission on Services – Nevada Volunteers, honored Mohan Keta by giving a certificate to recognize his outstanding community volunteer service to the people of State of Nevada.

Barsi of Late Dr. Harpal Singh Gill

Dr. Vikas Gill “Ruby” would like to invite you to attend his father Dr. Harpal singh Gill’s first death anniversary at his home.