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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020


Passage from India: Essays, Poems, and Stories – Dr. S. S. Moorty

A regular visitor to Las Vegas, Prof. Satyam Sikha Moorty is an Emeritus Professor of English at Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. As a professor and author, Dr. Moorty has recently written a book on his life experiences in the form of short stories and essays. The book Passage from India is a product of two cultures and academic worlds, Indian and American. Originally from India, Moorty received his Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.  Dr. Moorty taught English literature courses for thirty-one years at SouthernRead More

Global Charity Foundation Annual Banquet

Reeta Thukral’s Global Charity Foundation invites the community to their 9th Annual Evening of Global Hope gala on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at the Siena Community Center Ballroom. The Global Charity Foundation was established with a mission to provide health care and education assistance to the neediest in the United States, India, and Ghana.  The prior three successful fundraisers helped GCF to continue the much needed academic after-school tutoring programs for the inner school children here in Las Vegas along with, providing education and healthcare to the women and childrenRead More