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March, 2022


Two Indian-American Truckers Arrested With Over $10 Million Worth of Cocaine

Las Vegas Metro has detained truck drivers Nanak Singh, 29, and Chandra Prakash,31, for allegedly trafficking Cocaine with an estimated street value of over $10 million.  As per the reports, LVMPD K9 alerted the cops for drugs along with a load of fresh tomatoes being transported by Singh and Prakash. Both Singh and Prakash were arrested and booked for alleged trafficking of a controlled substance following a traffic stop near I-15 and St. Rose Parkway.  The Metro’s posted the information on their Twitter account…”LVMPD K9 Nuggetz indicated an alert for drugs whichRead More

Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents Recognize Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Candidate Ashish Kasar

Ashish Kasar wins a Sam Lieberman Regents’ Award for Student Scholarship. Ashish Kasar, an IIT Alumni and a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering, has received the Sam Lieberman Regents’ Award for Student Scholarship. The award, announced earlier this month by the Nevada Board of Regents, honors nine students for their academic achievements, leadership ability and service contributions throughout the state. “These nine students represent some of our best and brightest students in Nevada public higher education and I’m proud of their accomplishments,” Regents Chair Cathy McAdoo said. Kasar’s research focusesRead More

Friends of India Holi Picnic

After two years of hiatus, once again Friends of India is inviting the community to their in-person Holi Picnic.  The much-awaited fun-filled Holi celebrations bring in the community to immerse into festivities with socializing, renewed friendships, along an explosion of celebratory & vibrant dry colors, and plenty of freshly prepared delicious Indian food. The celebrations are open to all irrespective of religion, creed, national identity, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, to come together under clear blue Las Vegas sky and enjoy the colorful HOLI with friends and family. The celebrations areRead More

Holi Picnic Festivities Embrace Ghoomer Dance Under the Direction of Chandra Mehta

Chandra Mehta, Dance Director of Ghoomer in Las Vegas, is coordinating with over 100 local Indian-American women for a Ghoomer dance performance at the upcoming Holi Picnic. Around the world and throughout history, women have come together in different types of groups to offer each other support and address barriers together. The power of these groups has been rooted in the solidarity that comes from a face-to-face connection. The idea to do a Ghoomer dance in a group of 100 women or more was born with an intention to giveRead More

J. Patel Pleads Guilty to Theft

Las Vegan J. Patel plead guilty on two counts of theft and the possession of documents/personal identifying information.  Patel is charged with the theft of 2013 BMW and/or 2016 Mercedes Benz ,belonging to Platinum Motor Cars located at the Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, by using an identity of another individual. As per the guilty plea the Court on count one must sentence Patel to imprisonment at the Nevada Department of Corrections for a minimum term of one year and a maximum term of ten years.  On the second count the CourtRead More

Bhagwat Katha at the Hindu Mandir

The community is invited to a week-long evening hours Bhagwat Katha by visiting Shastriji Shri Bharatbhai Rajgor beginning March 26th through April 1st 2022.   The evening Katha will be from 5 PM – 9 PM followed by a mahaprasad sponsored by the local members of the Hindu community.

Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Committee Files Complaint Against Cardiologist Dr. Nayab Mohammad Zafar, M.D.

The investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners has a reasonable basis to believe that Nayab Mohammad Zafar, M.D. violated the provisions of the Nevada Medical Practices Act.   Dr. Zafar is charged on two counts – one count of malpractice and another count of failure to maintain proper medical records. The complaint against Dr. Zafar said he examined a patient (identity withheld) and noted that the patient had a recent CT Angiography showing a 70% stenosis (narrowing) of the left internal carotid artery and presented a highRead More

Gaura Purnima Celebrations

International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Las Vegas invites the community for their annual Gaura Purnima celebrations on Thursday, March 17th at the temple premises.

Joe Lombardo for Governor Reception Attracts Large Crowd

The midterm election campaigning is already riveting on all cylinders.  The 2022 midterm election has energized the local South Asian community with many members of the community actively engaged in campaigning for their preferred candidate. Recently, attorney Paul Padda along with spine surgeon Dr. Jaswinder Grover, and CEO Ali Rizvi hosted Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the Republican candidate for Governor.  The event drew over 200 members of the Las Vegas community with a large number of attendees representing the local Indo-Pakcommunity.  The event presented an opportunity for attendees to meet Joe Lombardo one-on-one.  Lombardo acknowledged the commitment and support for his candidacy and thanked the hosts (Padda, Grover and Rizvi) for energizing the community for Nevada’s betterment.  The Indo-PakRead More

E. Singh Guilty of Sexually Motivated Coercion. Gets up to 5-year Suspended Sentence.

E. Singh, a former employee of the Las Vegas Metro, agreed to plead guilty by way of the Alford decision to Attempt Coercion – Sexually Motivated (Category C Felony) for an incident involving a minor.  An Alford plea in Nevada is when a defendant in a criminal case does not admit guilt but concedes there is sufficient evidence to find him/her guilty at trial. In short, it is a guilty plea that allows the defendant to maintain his/her innocence.  Warning – some explicit language.  It may be offensive to some readers. A fewRead More