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2024 Primary Election Endorsements


Exercising your right to vote matters as the elected officials have a constitutional and legal power to create, change, define, and enforce policies impacting your daily life. election advisory panel members consisting of a Democrat, Republican, and an independent, have a broad, diverse political experience & an in-depth knowledge of the local and state politics.  

This publication has endorsed candidates for various local, state, and national political races for the past couple of elections.  This year is no different, with vegasdesi endorsing the candidates below in the primary election. 

First and foremost, to encourage a better representation of the South-Asian community, this publication supports all  Indian sub-continent candidates irrespective of party affiliation. Incumbent educator and the only elected Indian-American, Reuben D’Silva, is running unopposed. This election year, the other four South-Asian candidates are Hanadi Nadeem (D) for State Assembly 34, Sharifa Wahab (D) for State Assembly 35,  Syed Zaidi (D) for State Assembly District 42, and Deven Singh for the Clark County School Board District 2. Zaidi and Singh are the only candidates with a primary challenger.

As reported earlier, no Republican member of the highly educated and financially prosperous community filed for any political positions in the upcoming elections. Although most of our community lives in the Republican Districts in Summerlin and Henderson, all five South Asian candidates running for political office in an upcoming election are registered Democrats.

The endorsements below result from active interactions with many candidates, reviewing their professional and personal backgrounds and views on issues impacting Southern Nevada’s growing Indian sub-continent community.

Please exercise your constitutional right to vote if you are a U.S. citizen; however, you must register to vote with the County election office.  Please check your voter registration details with the Clark County Election Department. The primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 11th; however, early voting begins on Saturday, May 25th and runs through Friday, June 7th

You may choose to receive an electronic sample ballot by e-mail instead of a paper one sent through the post office. Log in to Registered Voter Services and click on “Request my Sample Ballot Electronically (Go Green)” from the dropdown menu.

2024 Primary Elections Endorsements


  • United States Senate – Rosen, Jacky S. (D); Grady, Jr. Walter A. “Tony” (R)
  • Representative in Congress District 1 – Larsen, Flemming (R)
  • Representative in Congress District 3 – Lee, Susie (D); Schwartz, Dan (R)
  • Representative in Congress District 4 – Horsford, Steven (D); No Endorsement (R)


  • State Senate District 1 – Thomas, Clara “Claire” (D)
  • State Senate District 3 – Nguyen, Rochelle (D)
  • State Senate District 4 – Perkins, Laura E. (D)
  • State Senate District 5 – Bishop, Christian (D); Buck, Carrie Ann (R)
  • State Senate District 6 – Douglas, Jill E. (R)
  • State Senate District 11 – Rogich, Lori (R)
  • State Senate District 18 – Joseph, Iman (D); McArthur, Richard (R)
  • State Senate District 19 – No Endorsement (R)
  • State Assembly District 5 – Bigelow, Alan (R)
  • State Assembly District 6 – Jackson, Jovan Alexander (D)
  • State Assembly District 7 – Flanagan, Tanya (D)
  • State Assembly District 9 – Yeager, Steve (D)
  • State Assembly District 10 – Karris, Venise L. (D)
  • State Assembly District 11 – Moore, Cinthia (D); No Endorsement (R)
  • State Assembly District 12 – Rojas, Al (R)
  • State Assembly District 16 – Gonzalez, Cecelia (D); No Endorsement (R)
  • State Assembly District 17 – Montgomery, Mishon D. (D)
  • State Assembly District 21 – Arndt, April (R)
  • State Assembly District 29 – Owens, Annette Dawson (R)
  • State Assembly District 34 – No Endorsement (R)
  • State Assembly District 41 – Arroyo, Rafael (R)
  • State Assembly District 42 – Zaidi (D); Child, Kevin L. (R)


  • County Commissioner District A – Hamilton, Ryan (R)
  • County Commissioner District C – Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon (D); Becker, April (R)


  • District Court Judge Family Division Department N – NO Endorsement
  • Regent State University District 1 – Fernandez, Carlos D.
  • Regent State University District 4 – Bautista, Aaron
  • Regent State University District 12 – Carvalho, Amy J.
  • Member State Board of Education District 1 – Braxton, Tricia
  • Member State Board of Education District 3 – Cantu, Rene
  • Trustee Clark County School District A – Catarata, Karl
  • Trustee Clark County School District B – Singh, Deven
  • Trustee Clark County School District C – Henry, Tameka
  • Trustee Clark County School District E – Bywaters, Kamilah


  • City of Henderson City Council Ward I – Seebock, Jim
  • City of Henderson City Council Ward II – Larson, Monica “Doc”
  • City of Henderson City Council Ward IV – Arrington, Cherlyn


  • City of Las Vegas Mayor – Berkley, Shelley; Seaman, Victoria (Dual Endorsement – Your Choice)
  • City of Las Vegas Councilman Ward 1 – Knudsen, Brian
  • City of Las Vegas Councilman Ward 3 – Diaz, Olivia
  • City of Las Vegas Councilman Ward 5 – NO Endorsement
  • City of Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge – Wolfson, Rebecca


  • Justice of the Peace Henderson Township Department 1 – Pratt, Todd W.
  • Justice of the Peace Henderson Township Department 3 – Schifalacqua, Barbara
  • Justice of the Peace Las Vegas Township Department 2 – NO Endorsement
  • Justice of the Peace Las Vegas Township Department 5 – Dustin-Cruz, Cynthia
  • Justice of the Peace Las Vegas Township Department 8 – Ferreira, Amy 
  • Justice of the Peace North Las Vegas Township Department 2 – Cooper, Jonathan

This publication retains the right to modify any of the endorsements above until Tuesday, June 11th, 2024, election day. Such modifications will be based on the new information available on any of the candidates.

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