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Social Activist Perween Rehman Gunned Down in Karachi

Humanitarian and an activist for the poor and downtrodden Perween Rehman was killed on Wednesday, by an unknown assailant in Karachi.  Perween was a sister of Las Vegas based Physician Dr. Anis Khair.  Special prayer services are planned at the Jamia Masjid in Las Vegas on Friday, March 15th, 2013.

Perween Rehman, 56, an Architect by profession, gave up her profession to help the poorest of the Karachi slums by bringing basic sewage and water service to the most neglected neighborhoods.  Ms. Rahman started an Orangi Pilot Project in the city’s oppressed and neglected areas, which helped residents to build their own sewer and water systems.  Ms. Rahman’s relentless philanthropic work has been extensively chronicled by Western media, including NPR, highlighting her commitment to the poorest of the society in Karachi.

Dr. Khair, brother of Ms. Perween Rehman, is a member of the prosperous and growing Pakistani community in Las Vegas.  The special prayer services are scheduled at 1:30pm at the Jamia Masjid, 4730 E Desert Inn Rd  Las Vegas, NV 89121.  Phone (702) 458-1986.

This morning NPR broadcasted a special commentary on Ms. Perween Rehman for her dedicated wok in the slums of Karachi.

Perween Rehamns’s interview –

Impact of Ms. Rehman’s Project

One Comment to Social Activist Perween Rehman Gunned Down in Karachi

  1. Anis Khair says:

    A country that cannot protect its own pure,untainted gems, and allows on everyday basis, shedding of pure, untainted blood, cannot be called land of pure any more. Pakistan, you no longer exist.

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