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Ashraf Ali a/k/a Mohammad Ashraf Khan Indicted on Naturalization Fraud

Ashraf Ali a/k/a Mohammad Ashraf Khan of Las Vegas has been indicted on two counts of Naturalization Fraud.  Ashraf has been charged with knowingly attempted to procure and obtain and did obtain naturalization as a United States citizen by falsely swearing to a statement in his written application for naturalization (Form N-400) and also during his naturalization interview under oath in March 2006.

As per the charges, Ashraf knew he had lied in a previous application for asylum filed in 1994 under the name Mohammed Ashraf Khan.  In 2006, the defendant listed his name as “ASHRAF ALI” when in truth and in fact, his name was “Mohammed Ashraf Khan.”

During the naturalization process Ashraf also lied on a question of whether any removal, exclusion, or deportation proceedings are pending against him.  The defendant Ashraf answered “NO”, when in truth and in fact, removal and deportation proceedings were pending against the defendant under the name Mohammad Ashraf Khan.

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