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Dr. Nafees Nagy, Dr. R. D. Prabhu and Dr. Dipti Shah High on Marijuana Licensing

Despite the recent guidelines form the NV State Medical Board, the three local Physicians – Dr. Nafees Nagy, Dr. R D Prabhu and Dr. Dipti  Shah, are not shying away from applying for opening a marijuana dispensary. 

The three Physicians are among many local well-known and influential individuals who are vying for the piece of the booming legalized marijuana industry.  Two other Indian Americans from Arizona – Mohit Asnani and Pradip Kumar Patel, have also applied for the marijuana licenses in Las Vegas.

During the last legislative session, Democratic State Senator Richard Segerblom was instrumental in passing the law which allows around 40 medical marijuana business licenses.

All three local desi Pysicians – Dr. Naffes Nagy, Dr. R.D. Prabhu and Dr. Dipti Shah have applied for a Marijuana Dispensary.  Dr. Nagy, along with Omar Nagy, is listed as a member manager of Physis One with an office at 231 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV.  Dr. Dipti Shah is a member manager of Las Vegas Releaf located at 2242-2246 Paradise Road, Las Vegas.  Dr. R. D. Prabhu has joined Dr. Geoffrey Hsieh and Physician Dr. Nick Spirtos of Women’s Cancer Center of Nevada.

Mohit Asnani and Pradip Kumar Patel, both of Arizona, have applied for dispensary, cultivation and production of Marijuana in Las Vegas.  Mohit is an operator of medical marijuana business in Tucson, Arizona.  Asnani and Patel have filed their application under the business name Cannabis Renaissance located at 2702 S. Highland Drive, Las Vegas.  Tusconian Mohit Asnani is an owner of Catalina Hills Care which sells 25 different strains of marijuana

In June 2014, the NV Board of Medical Examiners issued an advisory opinion on Physicians opting for Marijuana license in Nevada.   All licensees of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners (Board) are were advised that participating as a shareholder, officer or managing member of any medical marijuana cultivation facility, dispensary or other establishment or entity authorized  is currently a violation of federal law under the Controlled Substances Act because marijuana:

     – is classified as a Schedule I drug;

     –  has not been fully evaluated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for medicinal purposes, i.e., contraindications, dosages, potency, quantity and side         effects;

     –  lacks accepted safety standards for use; and 4) has a high potential for abuse.

Board licensees were further advised that licensees will not be investigated by the Board based solely on their participation as a shareholder, officer or managing member of any medical marijuana cultivation facility, dispensary or other establishment or entity However, if the Board receives a complaint alleging misconduct or other possible violations regarding a licensee’s participation as a shareholder, officer or managing member of any medical marijuana cultivation facility; dispensary or other establishment or entity authorized under NRS Chapter 453A, the Board is obligated by law to investigate the allegations contained in the Complaint.

At the June 4 meeting, the City Council adopted licensing regulations for medical marijuana establishments. The City Council reduced the surety bond requirement from $500,000 to $250,000. Some of the other regulations include :

Dispensaries will be allowed to have operation hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Delivery will be permitted to Nevada card holders at residential locations

If it is determined an inadequate supply of medical marijuana exists, products can be obtained from other parts of Nevada

Advertising cannot be appealing to minors, and must conform to an approved sign and advertising plan as a condition of the license

Licenses will be reviewed every two years by the City Council.  Click here for the complete Business Licensing Regulations for Medical Marijuana Establishments…

The next step for these applicants is to file applications with the State of Nevada to get into the business of selling medical marijuana.

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