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Exemplary Tribute to Gazal Legend Jagjit Singh

The local Indian sub-continent community had a privilege of celebrating the gazal tsar Jagjit Singh’s 75th birthday at the newly opened Royal Banquet Hall. 

Indian, Afghani and Pakistani Americans got the pleasure of listening to Las Vegan Jitender Sharma singing melodious Jagjit Singh’s gazals.  Gazal is an unique poetic romantic expression with mix of Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages and no one knew better than the duo Jagjit Singh and wife Chitra Singh. 

The evening started on time beginning with a social hour, with drinks from Royal Hall’s expansive bar and sumptuous appetizers by Royal’s newly opened Pure Indian restaurant.  Good appetizing food and a concoction of drinks/cocktails is an integral part of any Indian celebration.

After initial opening acts by Dhruvit Shah on guitar and a gazal by a local music enthusiast Raja Ingle, an admiring audience got to hear the headline star of the evening – Jitender Sharma.  The diverse attendees were no stranger to Jagjit Singh’s gazals but listening to the group lead singer Jitender Sharma’s melodious deep voice along with enchanted rhythms of tabla and harmonium felt as if Jagjit Singh came back to life.  The group consisted of local talent from the community – singers Jatinder Sharma, Raja Ingle, Meety Kaur & Sharlin Ahmed; Shakib Ahmed on Tabla, Sammy on Dholak and Nasir on Harmonium.  The instrumental pieces of music was performed with grace and near perfection by Shakib, Sammy and Nasir.  Each instrument was played elaborately and beautifully.

The wonderful performance by singers along with their team of talented musicians mesmerized the audiences till late in the evening.  Jitender Sharma, an ardent fan of Jagjit Singh has been singing Jagjit Singh’s gazals for many years and has become a premier singer and Jagjit Singhs’ tribute artist in the United States.  The group meticulously collaborated and produced beautiful romantic and enriching gazals of Jagjit Singh. The melodious voice was very moving along with a smooth and calming lyrics of the selected gazals. 

Attendees felt the joy and a fervent feeling of being a part of listening to Jitender Sharma & others which will surely add to their memories of what local Vegas community has to offer. Throughout the evening, the astonishing sounds of all instruments vibrated throughout the performance relished by the attendees.

After a 30 minutes intermission for dinner, attendees were back in the hall to enjoy more of legendary Jagjit Singh’s gazals.  Attendees enjoyed the savory and well prepared buffet dinner dishes which added an extra charm to the evening of magnificent entertainment.  The attendees were captivated throughout the entire evening performance as judged by the loud applause at the end of every gazal.  Overall an impressive enthralling performance

Although it was close to midnight with over three hours of invigorating vocals and music, however, for some of the passionate lovers of Jagjit Singh music the evening came to an early end as they wanted Jitender Sharma to continue the program till the wee hours of Sunday.

After an over-exuberant performance, Jitender Sharma is already in a planning stage of another concert in October to honor Jagjit Singh’s legacy on the legend’s death anniversary.  The concert, still in planning stage, will add additional musicians, violinist, key board & guitar player, to enhance the concert experience. 

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