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Court Order Moved Dr. Vinay Bararia to Metropolitan Detention Center, Los Angeles, for Psychiatric Evaluation

In a court order psychiatric evaluation, Dr. Vinay Bararia has been committed for an examination and arrived at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Bararia may be committed for a period of up to 60 days so that the Psychology staff at the detention center can complete an evaluation.  Clinical psychologist at the detention center have requested a 15day extension as permitted by the statute to complete the testing and examination necessary to develop a history, diagnosis and opinion.

It is anticipated that the evaluation will be completed by July 5, 2014. The report will be submitted to the Court within three weeks of completion of the evaluation, hopefully by July 29. 2014.

On June 26, 2012, the grand jury in Las Vegas returned a seven count criminal indictment against Dr. Vinay Bararia.  On December 2013, Dr. Bararia plead guilty to one count out of seven counts of criminal indictment charging him with the distribution of controlled substance and agreed to forfeiture of property set forth in the forfeiture allegations of the criminal indictment. Dr. Bararia is in a federal custody since October 2012.  

The defense team is also pleading that Dr. Bararia’s bipolar disorder merits at least a two-level downward departure for diminished mental capacity under US Sentencing Guidelines.  Dr. Bararia ‘s previously undiagnosed condition of bipolar disorder compromised his ability to self-regulate and emboldened him to act in ways utterly contrary to his years and years of dedication to his patients, family, and community.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder that were evident upon examination by a noted expert, Norton A. Roitman, M.D.  Dr. Roitman opined that Dr. Bararia exhibited symptoms of the manic phase of his condition during his illegal conduct, including his frantic measures to try to salvage his medical practice after he had been arrested and released.  He also opined that Dr. Bararia currently is in the midst of the depressive phase of his condition.

The defense counsel is pleading that Dr. Bararia’s bipolar disorder merits at least a two-level downward departure for diminished mental capacity.

Dr. Bararia plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute hydrocodone pills to an undercover DEA agent in the Centennial Hills Hospital parking lot and he is awaiting sentencing.






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