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Dr. Dipak Desai – It isn’t over yet

After being found guilty on all 27 counts by the District Court jury, Dr. Dipak Desai’s federal trial has been postponed till February 2014.

Following a 10-week trial, a District Court jury convicted Dr. Dipak Desai of a second degree murder, insurance fraud, disregard safety & criminal neglect of patients alongwith other charges.  Currently, Dr. Desai is under detention at the Clark County Detention Center.  Sentencing has been set for September 5th by the District Court Judge Valerie Adair, Department 21.  Dr. Desai’s former Chief Operating Officer, Tonya Rushing testified against Dr. Desai in the State trial.  Along with Dr. Desai, Ms. Rushing is also a defendant in the upcoming federal trial. Former doctor and endoscopy clinic owner Dipak Desai is taken into custody by Clark County marshals at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas Monday, July 1, 2013 after a jury found him guilty. Nevada state court jury found Desai guilty of all 27 criminal charges against him— including second-degree murder — in a 2007 hepatitis C outbreak that officials called one of the largest ever in the U.S. At left is defense lawyer Richard Wright. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jessica Ebelhar) 

Dr. Desai’s legal team has decided to delay the federal trial as the case has been deemed complex and the defense requires extensive motion practice & trial preparation.  The defense needs additional time to review the evidence and procedural issues, conduct research, file any appropriate pretrial motions, and otherwise prepare a defense.

Federal prosecutors have charged Desai on 26 counts from conspiracy to health care fraud.  Please see below the attached pdf dcoument for full details on federal charges against Dr. Dipak Desai.



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