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Dr. Jaswinder Grover cleared of all charges

Jaswinder Grover MD, a prominent Indian-American Las Vegas orthopedic spine surgeon, was dismissed from a civil lawsuit filed in California earlier this year by the State of California and several insurance companies with broad ranging allegations, including the use of fake hardware, against hospitals and doctors all across the country.

The suit was filed in February of 2015 and unsealed in May.  The lawsuit named several hospitals in Las Vegas as defendants as well as two Las Vegas orthopedic surgeons including Jaswinder Grover MD.  

All allegations against Doctor Grover were dismissed by plaintiffs, voluntarily, and with prejudice.  Attorneys for Doctor Grover, Patricia Glaser and Robert Shapiro, stated, “It was truly unfortunate that Doctor Grover was ever exposed to these accusations.  After a detailed investigation, we are pleased that we were successful in having all allegations against Dr. Grover dismissed with prejudice.”   


Dr. Jaswinder “Tony” Grover of Nevada Spine Clinic


Dr. Grover’s Las Vegas attorney, Donald Campbell, remarked that a plaintiff’s “dismissal with prejudice” of an action prior to it’s service upon a named defendant is ” highly unusual” and is indicative of the named defendant having been erroneously named.  Campbell stated further: ” We are all very relieved that Dr. Grover’s sterling professional reputation has been restored. We know how tirelessly he works on behalf of his many grateful patients in the Las Vegas community who have placed great faith and reliance upon his surgical skills. It is comforting to know that their trust has proven to be fully justified.”

“These allegations were sensational and disturbing, both professionally and personally.The accusations struck at the very morality of our integrity and ethics,” Doctor Grover stated.  “Understandably, we have always been concerned that such accusations could incite unnecessary anxiety and concern amongst our patients.  We have never and would never compromise patient care.  I look forward to moving on, focusing on our patients, and Nevada Spine Clinic’s mission to provide excellence in care for patients who suffer from disorders of the spine.” 


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