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Dr. Keshav Chander on Women Heart Health care

“Mom in the household gets chest pain, she gets Mylanta; Dad gets chest pain, he is taken to the ER fearing a heart attack,” says Dr. Keshav Chander, a cardiologist with the Smart Heart Care practice in Las Vegas.

“I think this is primarily due to our mistaken belief that heart disease is a disease of older men. … Coronary artery disease behaves differently for women as compared to men. Not understanding these differences can lead to significant, sometimes fatal consequences.”  Continue reading… 


Board Certified Cardiologist, Author and Radio Talk Host, Dr. Chander started his solo practice in early 2013.  Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Dr. Chander practiced Cardiology in St. George, Utah.  At St. George, Dr. Chander regularly appeared on numerous TV shows, addressed many diversed community groups on health issues and occasionaly appeared on ABC World News.  He has hosted a radio talk show for over 10 years on topics related to health care and healthy living.

Dr Chander is board certified in Cardiology, adult echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and registered vascular technology. He is level 3 trained in echo and level 2 trained in CT angiography.  Dr. Chander has written a book, published by McGraw Hill, on medical residency training in the United States.  The book is an excellent source of information for foreign medical graduates. 
Dr. Chander is a graduate of Medical College, Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab.  Dr. Chander completed his residency in Internal Medicine from Finch University of Health Sciences, Chicago, where he was voted a best intern and an outstanding resident.  Dr. Chander completed his fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases  from  New Orleans, Louisiana.  Continue reading…


For more information on Dr. Chander, please visit  Dr. Chander’s practice is located at 8970 W Tropicana Ave. Ste 6, Las Vegas, NV 89147.  Phone: 702 473 5333 

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