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Dr. Kittusamy Creditors File Involuntary Petition for Bankruptcy

Prominent creditors of medical practice Kittusamy, LLP, owned by a prominent Indian American Physician Dr. Prem Kumar Kittusamy, files Chapter 11 bankruptcy.   The bankruptcy filings reveal over $2.9 million debt to Dr. Jasvinder Grover’s Moonshell, LLC. 

Other debtors include Xspectra Inc. ($209,000) and Seven Hills Equipment LLC ($2.74 million) for a total debt of over $6.9 million. However, the additional documents disclosures reflect that on February 1st, 2015, Dr. Jaswinder Grover’s Moonshine LLC irrevocably transferred and assigned all of Moonshine’s rights, including lien on the Accounts Receivables, to Venus Group LLC.

Earlier a separate lawsuit was filed by Jaswinder Grover’s Moonshell LLC, XSPectra Inc, Seven Hills Equipment LLC and Venus Group LLC against Kittusamy entitites for fraud, bad faith, and misrepresentation and for non-payment of multiple loans. However, on July 1st, the lawsuit was voluntary dismissed without prejudice. 

In other related news General Electric Capital Corporation has sued Kittusamy LLP, Las Vegas Radiology, Bhuvaneswari Kittusamy, and Prem Kittusamy for debt collection.  Kittusamy and related companies owe GE more than $500,000 for rents, charges and fees. 

Other businesses associated with Kittusamy in the past 8 years include Las Vegas Cardiology, Las Vegas Radiology, Las Vegas Primary Care Group and Las Vegas Medical Centers.  The filing disclosed 9 locations of their principal assets across the valley. 

Dr. Grover’s Moonshine LLC, through its attorney has asked for a court order directing the person most knowledgeable for Kittusamy LLP to appear, on July 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2015,  for examination of its acts, conduct or property and to its liabilities and financial condition.  Such an examination may relate to the acts, conduct, or property or to the liabilities and financial condition of the debtor (Kittusamy LLP) or to any matter which may affect the administration of the debtor’s estate, or to the debtor’s right to a discharge.

The application is made by Attorneys for Petitioning Creditors Moonshell, LLC and Venus Group, LLC to examine the books and records of the Alleged Debtor (Kittusamy LLP) in regards to all audited an unaudited financial statements of the Alleged Debtor for from 2011 to 2014, including but not limited to balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss statements, accounts payable reports, accounts receivable reports, tax returns, all quickbooks, all bank account statements, names and addresses of all vendors, other creditors, partnership agreements if any.  Also requested is any other information and documentation relevant to the financial status of the Alleged Debtor (Kittusamy LLP) and whether the Alleged Debtor is paying its debts and such debts become due.

Dr. Prem Kittusamy is a 1996 graduate of St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies and completed his Internal Medicine residency at R. Wood Johnson Medical Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ.  Dr. Kittusamy completed his fellowship in Cardiology at Hannemann University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.  He was licensed in State of Nevada in 2004.  Prem’s wife, Bhuvaneswari Periyasamy Kittusamy is a local Radiologist and owner of the Las Vegas Radiology.   

Please see the complete Bankruptcy filing documents below attachment…

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