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Dr. Vinay Bararia – Criminal trial postponed to January 2013

Dr. Vinay Bararia’s counsel filed for an extension for filing pretrial motions and to contine trial date. Court agreed to postpone the trial to Januay 2013.

Original slated for August 28, 2012, the court has agreed to postpone the trial date to January 8th, 2013.   The deadline for filing pretrial motions were vacated and extended to November 6th, 2012.   It is further ordered by the court that the deadlines for filing any and all replies to any and all responses to pretrial motions are due on or before November 27th, 2012.

The reason given to above extension of time is that Dr. Bararia’s defense counsel Michael Cristalli, Esq., has not fully had an opportunity to review all the discovery in the matter and such will need additional time to review the discovery prior to bringing any pretrial motions.  Additionally, counsel for Dr. Bararia will be begin a criminal trial in other case.  The other case is that of Keith Mathahs, an employee of now defunct Dr. Desai’s Endoscopy Center.

Earlier this month, the NV Board of Medical Examiners suspended Dr. Bararia’s medical license.  The suspension is based upon Dr. Bararia’s arrest on a criminal complaint for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.  Complaint detailed five different undercover officer illegal purchases of controlled substances from Dr. Bararia.

In June, an indictment was issued against Dr. Bararia in the United States District Court, Nevada charging him with a conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, five counts of distribution of controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and five counts of conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone.

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