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Dr. Viren Patel – Settlement reached with the Board of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Viren Patel, D.O. has entered into a settlement agreement with the Nevada Board of Osteopathic Medicine.  In March 2013, Summerlin Hospital terminated Dr. Patel’s hospital privileges. 

In July 2013, Dr. Patel voluntarily surrendered his hospital privileges at Spring Valley Hospital while under investigation by the hospital.  Dr. Patel had 45 days to report each of the sanctions to the Board but failed to report sanctions imposed against him by the two hospitals.

In July 2013, the Board investigator served Dr. Patel with an order requiring him to provide bodily fluid samples for testing and requiring him to participate in a psychiatric evaluation.  In August 2013, Dr. Patel provided the bodily fluid samples which tested negative and he also participated in the psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Melissa Piasecki.

In her report, Dr. Piasecki concluded that Dr. Patel did not exhibit any symptoms or behaviors suggestive of a psychiatric disorder.  Nonetheless, Dr. Piasecki expressed her concerns that Dr. Patel suffered the consequences of over-commitment and related stress that effected his personal and professional relations and work. 

Dr. Piasecki recommended that Dr. Patel be required to obtain professional oversight of his work commitments for the next one to two years to ensure that he avoid a recurrence of over-commitment and the negative effects on his life, communications with others, and patient care. 

Dr. Patel acknowledged the settlement agreement and was provided the opportunity to review the settlement agreement with legal counsel of his own choice, which Dr. Patel declined to do.  As a result of admissions and acknowledgement as mentioned above Dr. Patel shall pay the board’s fees and costs in the investigation and prosecution of this matter totaling $939 along with a fine of $1,000.  Additionally, Dr. Patel agrees to a treatment professional who treats patients of stress and anger management.  In the event Dr. Patel fails to materially comply with the terms of the settlement agreement, Dr. Patel agreed that his medical license shall be automatically suspended.

Dr. Viren Patel is a graduate of the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City.  Previously, Dr. Patel has settled three malpractice claims while other two malpractice claims were dismissed.

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