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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Pakistani American N. Khan Raja, currently employed with the Nellis Cab Company, has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metro Police Department alleging that Metro discriminated against him because of his religion (Muslim) and national origin (Pakistan). 

The lawsuit claims Raja applied for the vacant job position of Police Recruit and successfully passed the selection process and hiring process up till polygraph exam.  Raja alleges that he became a victim of discrimination during the polygraph exam.  Raja claims that Metro actions violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on the basis of religion and national origin.  Additionally, Raja claims that during the final hiring stage of polygraph test, the Metro examiner intentionally provided wrong instructions during polygraph exam to make him disqualify in the final step of hiring.

Earlier, Raja filed an employment discrimination complaint against the Metro with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  However, in its investigation EEOC found that Raja  incorrectly informed Metro that his parents were in Pakistan receiving medical treatment and could not complete the background questionnaire due to language barriers and limited computer access.  Later, the Metro found that Raja’s parents were not in Pakistan but living with him in Las Vegas and his father could read and write English.  Further investigation revealed that Raja had a long history of traffic violations.  In conclusion, EEOC determined that by providing false information and having a history of traffic violations Raja couldn’t be hired by the Metro.  

One Comment to Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Las Vegas Metro Police Department

  1. Desi Ameri says:

    Sounds like he has been not telling the truth, and attempted to fool the Metro. They shouldn’t hire him, or a person like him no matter where he was born, or which religion.

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