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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Primecare Nevada

Syed Hossain filed an employment, race discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit against major health care provider PrimeCare Nevada.

Mr. Hossain, who worked as a laboratory technician, alleges that PrimeCare fired him after he complained about being assaulted and discriminated against by his Filipino coworkers.


Syed Hossain filed a formal charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wherein EEOC gave him a right to sue his previous employer, Prime Health Care. 


Mr. Hossain, a graduate of Louisiana State University, is a medical laboratory technician by trade. During his tenure at Prime Health, he received a favorable job performance evaluation.


As per the lawsuit, Hossain was slapped while at work by a co-worker for no reasonable reason. He reported the incident and further incidents of harassment and intimidation to his employer’s human resources department.


Mr. Hossain worked with persons who were primarily of Filipino descent. As per Mr. Hossain, these coworkers conspired to discriminate against him by ridiculing, ostracizing, and favoring persons of Filipino descent to his detriment. Further, he felt that Filipino co-workers hated him for who he was and his religion and also because he requested Prime Health Care’s human resources personnel to investigate his allegations of wrongdoing in the workplace.


Additionally, Mr. Hossain is alleging that he was attacked by a co-worker over an insignificant




Mr. Hossain is alleging that he was unjustly terminated, not the perpetrator of the violence or any of his other co-workers who had discriminated against him and was subjected to harassment, disparate wages, denigration & discharge due to his national origin, religion (Muslim), age over 40.  He is alleging retaliation when he complained of the discrimination and the hostile work environment.


Mr. Hossain is demanding a jury trial of this case and is seeking a reinstatement to his prior position with full back pay and benefits along with punitive damages. 


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