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Election 2014: Get Out and Vote

Early voting is in full swing and will close on Friday, June 5th.  The primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 10th.

Nevada is a closed primary election state.  The Primary Election is a nominating election in which each major party (Democrat and Republican) selects, when necessary, the candidate for each office it will send forward to the November General Election.  An individual can vote only for candidates from his/her own party and may also vote in nonpartisan contests. analysis shows that there are approximately 4000 registerd South Asian voters in Clark County, which is approximately half a percent of the total active registered voters.  Further analysis reflects that many of those who are registered voters do not actively participate in the election process.  As of today, (June 4th) less than 100 South Asian voters have voted in the primary elections out of a total of approximately 42,600 voters who voted in the early voting primaries. To make your voice heard GET OUT & VOTE on Tuesday, June 10th.

All persons properly registered to vote in Clark County, NV, on or before the applicable deadline may vote early before Election Day at any early voting site, bymail, or on Election Day at their assigned polling place.

There are four South Asians candidates – Fayyaz RajaSanje SederaVick Gill and Swadeep Nigam – running for an elected office in the upcoming 2014 elections have raised a combined total of over $98,000 (including loan to the campaigns) in political donations.   Fayyaz Raja and Sanje Sedera are running as a Democrat, Vick is running as a Republican candidate, while Swadeep Nigam is running for a non-partisan office.  Interestingly, both, Fayyaz and Sanje are going after the same Assembly District 34 seat.

For further information on your voter registration information and how & where to vote, please click here.





Vick Gill for State Senate




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