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Five Rivers On Fire Available At The Clark County Library

The newly published work of Bashir Sulharia, Ph.D. – Five Rivers on Fire, is available to the readers at the Clark County Public Library.  

Dr. Sulharia of Reno wrote this book to highlight the India Pakistan partition in 1947 and its cultural impact on millions of families.  The book focuses on partition of the subcontinent which led to pandemonium, turning the lives of the people in Rurkee, a bucolic Punjabi village, upside down. 
Intellectual Reviews: 
Bashir Sulahria’s Five Rivers of Fire is an eloquent, richly historical, culturally complex narrative to two boyhood friends who become separated just before the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.  The book is also a page turner as families struggle to survive, and remain constant to their cultures and beliefs, all complicated by a state of semi permanent war and military acculturation.  Bashir’s personal history, add great authenticity to the novel.  A history-based fiction, five Rivers on Fire is a wonderful contribution to global understanding in our time, and is an excellent read.    Stephen Tchudi, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Nevada, Reno.
Five Rivers of fire is a well crafted, and fact paced novel that is culturally and historically authentic.  The narrative is, uplifting and sad – uplifting because of the human portraits and sad because of the suffering they endure.  Bashir has turned his multicultural experience into a work of art.  This work is worthy of a wide audience.  James W. Hulse, Professor Emeritus History, University of Nevada, Reno
About Bashir Sulharia, Ph. D. – Bashir was born in Sialkot, Pakistan.  He is a 40 year resident of Carson City where he lives with his wife, Julie.  Bashir and Julie are the world traveler and have visited over forty countries.  They have one son, Taj, daughter in law Jessica and two granddaughters Taliah and Daisy.   Bashir came from Pakistan for higher study at the University of Nevada Reno, where he completed his Ph.d. in Hydorology.  After graduating from UNR, Bashir worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Reno/Carson City area.  Bashir and Julie both maintain a working relationship with UNR and have created an academic scholarship for the UNR students.  
You can reach Bashir at  Book is available directly through Bashir by email him directly OR through your local bookstore’s order desk or from, and or by phone 1-888-795-4274 x 7879.

The current issue of Nevada Magazine has selected Dr. Bashir’s book in their 2012 Neavada books category. 

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