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Friends of India Announces 2015-17 Executive Committee

Friends of India is pleased to announce a new executive committee for 2015-2017.  No elections were held as everyone got elected unopposed.

Here is the new executive committee –

  • President: Supriya Mirchandani
  • President-Elect: John George
  • Vice-President: Nirav Goyal
  • Secretary: Jetoon Patel Ghai  
  • Joint Secretary: Nitin Modi
  • Treasurer: Himanshu Shroff
  • Cultural Secretary: Sweeny Singh
  • Joint Cultural Secretary: Savita Kaushal and Ali Lakhani
  • PR: Monisha Saxena
  • Joint PR: Amolika Surpure and Melissa Banker
  • Media relations: Sumit Puri
  • Advisory Committee: Preetha Sanwal, Neeru Piplani, Bharti Sharma, and Jayesh Mehta

Most of the newly named executive members are known to the community and have been a resident of Las Vegas for many years.  For the past few years, almost all of them have been actively engaged in numerous community activities.  The new committee has crucial challenges ahead due to sudden depletion of Friends of India finances and will have to quickly jump on raising funds for community activities.  The Executive Committee has a fiduciary responsibility and accountability to members in all financial matters pertaining to sources and uses of funds.  Some members of the newly elected committee have requested a financial audit for the past two years.  

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