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Fundraising Appeal from Indian-American Assemblyman Reuben D’Silva. Year-end Deadline Nears.

Dear Fellow Las Vegas Indian-Americans,

My name is Reuben D’Silva. I made history by being the first ever Indian American to be elected to a public office in the great State of Nevada. I grew up in North Las Vegas and attended Rancho High School. As an Indian immigrant born in Mumbai, I wanted to give back to this country that gave me and my family so much and joined the US Marines during the Iraq war. In 2007 my unit was attacked, and I was seriously injured in Fallujah, Iraq after being hit by a sniper’s bullet. I was flown back to the United States for emergency medical treatment and spent over a year at Balboa Navy Hospital to undergo multiple intricate and painful surgeries, as well as strenuous physical rehabilitation. I was honorably discharged and awarded with a Purple Heart.

After graduating from UNLV, I earned advanced degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Yale. After Yale, I decided to return and teach at my alma mater, Rancho High School, a school located in Nevada’s poorest zip code. I have been teaching at Rancho for over a decade.

Today, I am serving as your State Assemblyman in the Nevada State Legislature, a body that makes laws that impacts all Nevadans.

With the support of the community and through a hard-fought campaign I was elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 2022. In order to best serve our community I must start an early and aggressive campaign to get re-elected. I already have a robust grassroots campaign strategy in place with scores of young multi-lingual volunteers who will be making voter contact early in this race. 

Individual campaign contributions from friends, supporters, and community members like you will provide the lion’s share of support for my upcoming competitive re-election campaign for the State Assembly. It’s a worthy cause and very important goal to have the voice of Indian Americans in the Nevada legislature.

Though highly educated and prosperous, Indian Americans in this State are not adequately represented in public sector jobs, and very few are appointed to any of the Boards and Commissions. Once elected, I will ensure that South Asians are fairly represented to serve the community. 

I am open to hearing from the community about your concerns and aspirations to make Southern Nevada a great place to call home. 

Your contribution of any amount, before December 31st, 2023, will give my candidacy for the State Assembly an early boost. Regardless of the amount, every contribution will help the campaign fund necessary voter outreach efforts, and bolster our political communications campaign, from flyers to road signs and especially pizza for my young, passionate campaign volunteers!

Yours in Service,

Reuben D’Silva,

p.s. Please click here to donate online ASAP before the December 31st deadline.

Alternatively, if you prefer, please make your contribution via check payable to – D’Silva for Nevada, P.O. Box 363106, Las Vegas, NV 89030


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