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Governor Brian Sandoval appoints Swadeep Nigam to the Nevada State Osteopathic Medicine Board.

After serving as a Commissioner on the Nevada Equal Rights Commission for over five years, Swadeep Nigam is appointed to the Nevada State Osteopathic Medicine Board by the Governor Brian Sandoval.

The appointment is for four years beginning July 1, 2017.  The Board consists of seven members, all appointed by the Governor, of which five members are the Physicians who are engaged in the practice of osteopathic medicine in Nevada (D.O.) and the other two members are the public member.  Swadeep will be serving as the public member of the Board. Swadeep is a current President of the South Asian Political Network Alliance (SAPNA).  Previously Swadeep has served as the Treasurer of the Clark County Republican Party, Asst. Treasurer, NV State Republican Party and was a Board Member of the Las Vegas Chapter of NAACP.

The Osteopathic Medicine Board is responsible for adopting and enforcing regulations necessary to enable it to carry out its duties as prescribed under the Nevada laws, including but not limited to regulations which establish the principles of medical ethics to be used as the basis for determining whether conduct which does not constitute malpractice is unethical.

Additionally, the Board keeps a record of its proceedings relating to licensing and disciplinary actions.  The Board or any investigative committee of the Board may issue to the person a letter of warning, a letter of concern or a non-punitive admonishment at any time before the Board initiates any disciplinary proceedings against the person.  Unless otherwise noted, all the records are open to public inspection at all reasonable times of every osteopathic physician and every physician assistant.

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