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Highly Respected Government Lawyer And Immigration Official Joins Cohen & Padda

Following nearly 20 years of government service with the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Homeland Security, former immigration official and federal government attorney Wayne H. Price recently joined the law firm of Cohen & Padda. 

Price, who had a distinguished military career and once served as a member of the highly respected “Downing Commission” which was convened by President Bill Clinton, joined Cohen & Padda law firm a few months back.  Managing Partner Paul S. Padda stated that Price will help build the law firm’s immigration practice.  “Wayne has tremendous experience as a former government immigration attorney and commands the respect of both immigration judges and other high-ranking government officials” stated Padda.  His law partner Ruth L. Cohen added, “when I was a federal prosecutor, I know the United States Attorney’s Office routinely called upon Wayne for his immigration expertise and knowledge.”    

Padda added that “for a long time our law firm’s business  and individual clients have been requesting help with immigration matters” and that the addition of Price to the law firm will now give its clientele unparalleled “experience, expertise and knowledge from someone that government decision-makers have a great deal of respect for.”  “Wayne has the answers, Wayne has the contacts, Wayne has the experience and Wayne commands the respect of the people in government making the decisions” stated Padda.  “Whether you’re a business, hospitality or medical professional seeking help with a J, H1B, L or other business type visa, or a person facing deportation or someone simply trying to bring a family member to the United States, Wayne is the person to call” noted Padda.    

In addition to immigration cases, Price will also handle criminal defense matters for Cohen & Padda law firm.  “Wayne has a tremendously impressive background as a criminal prosecutor and defense attorney” observed Padda.  As a supervising attorney in the military, Price taught at the elite military academy “West Point” and was involved with more than 350 criminal trials.  According to former federal prosecutor Padda, “Wayne trained some of the best lawyers in America when he was a supervising attorney with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, including highly respected Clark County District Court Judge Rob Bare to whom he served as both mentor and supervisor when they were in the military.”  Ruth Cohen, one of the first women to serve as a federal prosecutor in Nevada, added “Wayne certainly knows how to defend a criminal case and is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom having achieved much success there.” 


“We are tremendously pleased and honored to have Wayne as part of the Cohen & Padda team” commented Padda who further added “it’s rare to find someone with his exceptional depth of experience and governmental contacts in the private sector.”  Explaining his reasons for joining Cohen & Padda, Price stated “because Paul and Ruth had excellent reputations when they were with the United States Department of Justice and continue to do excellent work in the private sector, I was delighted to join their well-respected team.”  He further added, “I look forward to representing businesses and individuals in both criminal and immigration cases.”  Wayne Price can be contacted at Cohen & Padda at (702) 366-1888.    

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