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Hindu Community Senior Living

A group of Indian Seniors living in Vegas are in a process of conceptualizing a Hindu Family oriented non-profit seniors’ community.


A group of senior people are conceptualizing a Hindu Family oriented seniors’ community living in Las Vegas


The first two monthly meetings were well attended and the idea of a Indian Seniors Community living was well received.  It has been decided to start a Indian Seniors of Las Vegas community association where activities of interest to Indian Seniors can be organized.   Constitution, Bye-Laws and other details are being drafted at present and will be presented to the attendees at the meeting soon.  The group is in a process of developing a business plan for the project including project financing.


The third monthly meeting is being held to discuss further ideas and explore opportunities available in Las Vegas to pursue this project.


Meeting is open to the public and if you are interested in such a project, please join the organizers and others for the next meeting


The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday,  the March 23rd, 2014 at 1:30 PM at the Hindu Temple premises, located at 1701 Sageberry Drive, Las Vegas (in Summerlin).             


If you need additional information,  please call Anal Baba at  (702)234-9934 or Gopalakrishna Elluru at (702)416-3127



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