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Hindu Mandir Seeks Volunteers for the Executive Committee

The Hindu Temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas is requesting nominations for the new Executive Committee for the two year period beginning July 1, 2021. Currently, the Mandir is looking into recruiting for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

If you are interested in serving the Temple as part of the new Executive Committee, please send your nomination along with a brief write up of your qualifications highlighting prior volunteer work, commitment, professional background, and other pertinent information to Amarat Patel (Chairman):   702-218-2765 Neeru Piplani (President): 702-234-1071


For further information, please contact Amarat Patel (Chairman):   702-218-2765 Neeru Piplani (President): 702-234-1071. Email your application with details to – AND

 If you have any questions on any of the following positions please call Chairman/President. Please send in your nominations by midnight May 9th-2021 to be considered for any of the vacant executive positions.

2 Comments to Hindu Mandir Seeks Volunteers for the Executive Committee

  1. Karthik says:

    In our temple committee, there are some who have the power, but decide to “not get involved” with anything or can be easily manipulated. And then there are some who are even more powerful because they have perfected the art of manipulation, lies, and plain fraud.

    What kind of people does the actual power lie within Temple’s committee (board, trustees, and executive members)? I bet you all know the answer.

    You can see who changes the rules, By-Laws, manipulates elections, and gets to decide who can be hired or fired. When you ask for the minutes or proof of quorum, the answer will be some vague way of convincing that “it has all be done and taken care of in the proper way”, but nothing to show for. And the ones who are passive just believe it like a child blindly believing stories of Santa Claus told to them by their parents.

    Truth is that a child does grow up at some point and asks for truth and questions everything. But the “silent majority” in our mandir doesn’t.

    Elections are coming up and incompetent members from the current administration are being promoted. Mr. Paresh Joshi is not only going to become the President but I have heard he is planning on bringing his nominations or “chellas” into the mix with the help of his trustee GodFather (Mr. Ram Janga). Then they can manipulate the game as they wish. Mainly because other trustees and members don’t want to get involved too much in decision making – even God’s home is not spared from man’s greed for power & desire to satisfy his ego.

    Why not bring good candidates and keep an honest and fair election. If not, then the same game will begin again like what has been going on for the last couple of years with a few new rookie players that will dance to the tune of music they will be told to.

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – Albert Einstein
    We do not have any transparency into the election process – who is standing for what positions, who can vote (and do they know they can vote), how is the election process undertaken, who has the power to influence the election results one way or the other …

    Do we have meeting minutes of when by-laws and rules are changed and who all attended the meeting and how did they vote?

    I, with a few others, are not from the “quite majority” and would easily go down the legal path when the time is right… watching it play out for now.

    Hope the right things are done for the good of the Temple and the community, in DEEDs.

    • Desi Ameri says:

      If you are part of the silent majority, why don’t you run, and have the majority vote for you? Or, are you just part of the problem and not solution?

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