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Interfaith Forum 2016

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and Board Member Teji Malik invites Indian sub-continent community to their annual 2016 Interfaith Forums.

The council will cover diverse world religions and have an intellectual meaningful dialogues on issues impacting our lives.   The forum is geared to educate the public, build friendships and gain a greater understanding and awareness of the diverse faith traditions represented in Southern Nevada. The 2016 Interfaith Forums begin on Sunday, October 16.

In a world torn apart by religious misunderstanding, the goal of the Interfaith Forums is to provide an experience where people can hear different religions’ perspectives in an environment of mutual respect. It is a time and place to hear and be heard. In the course of nearly two decades, the forums have helped forge strong relationships between members of Southern Nevada’s diverse religious communities.

The forum includes four to five interfaith forums featuring five or six panelists from different world religions, each of whom addresses the same topic from their faith’s scripture or formal public policy.

Lecture on Hinduism, followed by discussion, and is given by Raj Chanderraj on Sunday, October 16th at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3400, West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas.  Sikhism is represented by Manvinder Singh of Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh Ji, while Muslims are being represented by Ms. Fahima Khalaf of Masjid Ibrahim.  Lecture and discussion on Sikhism and Muslim faith will be held on Sunday, October 23rd at 7pm at Baha’I Center located at 7035 West Oakey Blvd., Las Vegas.

There will be an additional Open Forum on Sunday, November 13th at 7pm at Grace in the Desert Episcopal Church, 2004, Spring Gate Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89134, where Aslam Abdullah from Indian Muslim community and Upinder Singh from local Sikh community will discuss their respective faith.

The forums are followed by a time for socializing and refreshments provided by the host congregation. All forums are open to the public at no cost. For further information, please visit

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