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Into Dust – A Movie on Social Reformer Perween Rahman’s work in Karachi

Perween Rahman, a selfless, dedicated, compassionate and committed individual who worked tirelessly for the rights of poor and, in process stood up to the criminality of water mafia in Karachi, Pakistan.  Her reward was death at the hands of powerful water mafia. Las Vegas Dr. Anis Khair continues working tirelessly to bring justice for his slain sister and social reformer Perween Rehman. Watch the trailer…

To recognize Ms. Rahman’s legacy, a new film, Into Dust is released to highlight the social and community work Ms. Rahman was pursuing in the Karachi neighborhoods.  Into Dust by Oscar winning Director Orlando von Eindiesel of White Helmet, is a true story of Perween Rahman in the background of soon to come global water shortage.   

On March 13th 2013, on her way back from work, she was shot, mortally wounded by assailants on motor bike.  This film highlights Perween Rahman’s quest to serve the poor and protect their rights and of her sister Aquila Ismail’s quest for justice for the poor, their family, and the city.  

Orlando von Eindiesel, quote on Perween Rahman, “A Pakistani Hero who Deserves to be a Global Hero. Somebody who wouldn’t back down in the face of criminality and the powerful, and threats from the powerful,” unquote

Today, Aquila Ismail for the love of her sister Perween Rahman, continues Perween Rahman’s legacy and till this day fights for the right of the poor and their wellbeing.  THE WORK FOR THE POOR GOES ON.

Watch the trailer…

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