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Lawsuit Filed Against Metro for Excessive Force

In a complaint filed by Mr. Sagar Navin Patel, Metro Officer Dennett made a racist slur and arrested him using excessive force and breaking Mr. Patel’s arm in three places.

Sagar Patel, resident of California was visiting Las Vegas.  On April 6, 2014, Mr. Patel and his friend were for looking for a place to eat.  Mr. Patel commented to his friends, “Why isn’t there any good food in this fucking place?”  Metro cop was slowly cruising the street and heard Mr. Patel. Metro Officer Dennett then told Mr. Patel, an Indian American, “Why don’t you go back to where you came from.”  At that time, Mr. Patel told the officer “fuck you.”  At that time Metro Officer Dennett, stopped and got off the car towards Mr. Patel. Seeing the cop coming toward him, Mr. Patel raised above his shoulders and apologized to the defendant, Mr. Dennett.

At that time, as per the lawsuit, Defendant Metro Officer Dennett grabbed Mr. Patel and pushed him against the patrol car. Although Mr. Patel stopped resisting, the cop continued to twist Mr. Patel’s arm until it snapped, breaking it in three places.

As per the lawsuit, there was no probable cause for the arrest of Mr. Patel or use excessive force that was used.  Mr. Patel, through his attorney, is arguing that the Metro Cop Dennett violated his constitutional rights, loss of physical liberty, physical damages including a broken arm which still has a bow due to the injury, pain and suffering and emotional trauma, and loss of income.

Mr. Patel is asking the court to award him the compensatory damages along with medical expenses and loss of earnings as well as pain and suffering and emotional harm; award reasonable attorney’s fees; and punitive damages against the Defendant. 

Additionally, Mr. Patel is also asking for a jury trial.  

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