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Mandeep Singh and Jasprett Kaur Sued for Fraud, Misrepresentation and Deceit

Lawsuit has been filed against Mandeep Singh and his wife Jasprett Kaur by the local member of the Sikh community for alleged fraud.  As per the lawsuit defendant Mandeep Singh expressed interest in purchasing partnership interest in Quick Biodiagnostics Lab for a total of $350,000 for a 50% interest in the company.  As per Varinder Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of Quick Biodiagnostics, defendant Mandeep Singh mentioned that he had funds totaling $200,000 arriving from the Middle East in two weeks and had the ability to get a bridge loan from an outside lender.  Both parties agreed to an initial payment of $25,000

In October 2016, Mandeep deposited $60,000 into Quick Biodiagnostics bank account from a Bank in Florida.  Due to the difference in amount agreed by both the parties for an initial deposit, defendant Mandeep requested Varinder Singh for the difference of $35,000 to be returned as the deal was for the first payment of $25,000 to buy a partnership interest.  Varinder paid $35,000 in form of a bank draft to the defendant Mandeep.

It is alleged that the defendant Mandeep borrowed money from Nextwave Enterprise LLC and had fraudulently secured the loan in Quick Biodiagnostics name to buy an interest in the partnership.

Additionally, the lawsuit also states how defendant Mandeep Singh convinced Sikh Gurudwara priest Narinder Singh in assisting him with his immigration issues for a $2,000 fee.  Defendant Mandeep got hold of priest Narinder Singh’s credit card and other pertinent information connected to the credit card.  Priest Narinder Singh’s was surprised to see the additional unauthorized transactions on his credit card by Mandeep Singh. To clear off the charges, Mandeep issued two checks totaling $10,700 to Priest Narinder Singh.  It is alleged that between October 2015 and November 2016, defendant Mandeep Singh charged over $68,700 in numerous credit card transactions without any prior authorizations.

As per the lawsuit, another couple Harpal Singh and Harpreet Kaur became the victim of business transactions by defendant Mandeep Singh.  Harpal and Harpreet invested over $22,000 in a business venture with Mandeep where Mandeep convinced them to invest in online trading in computer merchandise.  Harpal and Harpeet never received any merchandise, however, Mandeep Singh wrote couple of bad checks to them.  It is alleged that Mandeep cheated them off through the nefarious business scheme.  Additionally, Clark County District Attorney’s office has filed a criminal case against Jaspreet Kaur, wife of Mandeep Kaur for writing bad checks. A Bench Warrant will be issued if Jaspreet does not appear in the court.

In yet another case, another individual Suminder Singh Sodhi got cheated for a total of $50,000 by defendant Mandeep Singh.


20 Comments to Mandeep Singh and Jasprett Kaur Sued for Fraud, Misrepresentation and Deceit

  1. Anonymous for now says:

    I am the victim of same act of Mandeep. I have 7 checks from him and his wife all together. After first three bounced, I did not deposit next checks. Is there a criminal lawyer working on your case. If you can share his contact details then I will use the same lawyer.

  2. Anonymous for now says:

    There is a detailed version of this article including a picture of Mandeep Singh at facebook. /VenetianLasVegas/posts/1666567596690772. People be alert and do not give your hard earned money to mandeep singh. He uses the timeshare sales technique where he will do some kind of favor on you (discounted hotel deal such as 30% off market price, free lunches) and later offer you a business investment plan to buy memory chips or any item where he will typically offer to pay you 20% profit in a month plus your principal. He mainly attracts people online such as craiglist and other religious places where people meet for workship. Later he will issue bad checks from closed accounts or account with insufficient funds.

  3. Awataar says:

    I think all the victims should meet and discuss this issue .

    • Anonymous for now says:

      We can only sue him in civil court and the judge will dismiss the case immediately after Mandeep admits that he owes the money and he is going to pay back. Mandeep will never disagree that he does not owe you money. He will simply harass you by giving a date and then giving another date and another until you die. The real proplem is that he made partial payment with a money order and promised to pay the balance in few days. Once you accepted the partial payment (which most of us will in good faith), legally you cannot file a bad check criminal complaint. DA will not accept your complaint as soon as you say that you have received partial payment on this account. The best thing I could think of is let’s all of us, use the same lawyer so that our case will be submitted as a team or atleast in a series where ultimately the cases will get stronger and stronger over time. We can convince our lawyer that this is mal-practise which he will understand looking at so many cases and only then he can convince the judge to see this as a criminal case VS a civil. Under civil case, Mandeep can file a bankrupcy anytime and all our money is gone but not if the judge sees that what mandeep is doing is bad for the society and declare it as a crime.

    • NASH says:

      We should all meet and go after this guy as a community rather one at a time. standing together it will be helpful to all

  4. Harpreet says:

    Sir I m dealing with this case since 2 years now when u go to bad checks unit they will advice u do send a notice to mandeep for 10 days and even after that notice period he doesn’t pay u then a notice goes for the bad check unit department to make a payment within 30 days. Even after that notice if mandeep doesn’t pay then it’s upon DA to consider this case as civil or criminal. If it’s a civil case mandeep can decline to pay money but criminal case holds a greater value if he doesn’t pay he wil go to jail if the chargers are proven he doesn’t have the option . Regarding the criminal lawyer it’s totally upon the DA unit what lawyer will be privuded to you by them (u don’t have the choice to select ur lawyer) but Yes the only thing we all can do is get together and go to the DA’s office and give our reference case no. This was the advice given by Woodbury law firm(mayor of Boulder City). If u want to get ur money we all have to meet and go to the DA office.

    • Anonymous for now says:

      Thanks Harpreet ji. I have being harassed by mandeep since two years as well. I have been to DA’s office (in the basement of the building) about a year and half back and they refused to accept my complaint and gave me forms to file a civil complaint on level 3 of the building. This was as soon as she asked me if I have accepted any partial payment and I said yes. I do not want to file a civil complaint as I think it will be a waste of time.

      • Harpreet says:

        Let’s meet !!!

        • Anonymous for now says:

          No Harpreet Ji. I cannot. Did you get your money back yet? If not and if your case is still pending then I can certainly make your case stronger by faxing in my 3 cancelled check copies that were returned due to NSF written by Jaspreet and Mandeep to the DA with your case reference and a personal letter. You will have to give heads up to your DA in advance probably. From my soul within I believe that people like mandeep should not be let free in the public. He is always looking out for prey and god knows how many more people he will rip off if he is let free.

        • Surjeet Hayer says:

          Hello Harpreet . Did did this investigation went anywhere where are you guys able to get your money back from Mandeep .

      • Harpreet says:

        It’s a request Let’s meet and we are 5 victims in all . If we all come Together we can do something. It’s difficult to do anything at individual levels. Let’s try!!!

        • Neil says:

          Hello Harpreet,

          I would like to meet you guys too.. I am victim as well… Please provide your contact info..

          Lets teach this guy a lesson…

        • NASH says:

          you all have to work together if you want to see any results from the DA’s office

    • NASH says:

      If everyone go together who has his false checks, it will no longer as a civil case but pre meditated criminal intent to cheat people on a large scale.

    • NASH says:

      You all are absolutely correct. you can go after his house and property. While you all are suffering he is driving around in Range rover and luxury cars.

  5. Neil says:

    Hello Guys! This Guys has Scammed me for 30,000 dollars. I met him through craigslist and borrowed a loan from bank falling victim to his investment scheme.. I have been following up day and night with him for last 4 years.. I would like to team up with you guys to sue him.. Please let me know your contact details.. My parents are undergoing operation and i badly need money and super stressed! He screwed up all my credit cards and loans… I had to sell of my car and my assets to take care of my parents… Please provide me your contact details..

    • Harpeet says:

      I m sorry to read this… we all have gone through a lot. Would like to share with u and discuss what can be done in future… please share ur email address…Thanks

    • Harpreet says:

      Hello… unless we meet and talk we can’t resolve this…

  6. Anshu Pathak says:

    Mandeep Singh is a very professional soft-spoken con man. Evil. Ruthless. Merciless. Mandeep operates accounts opened by Indian Residents in Wells Fargo Bank with his forge signature. If you need more information, please contact me at and at 702 686 3369. Mandeep blackmails Sikh immigrants who are living in the USA with political asylum. Takes away their hard-earned money. Spoils their credit and destroy their lives. Mandeep will apply for loans and credit cards without your knowledge with your Social Security number. Beware.

    • Harpreet kaur says:

      Thanks Mr. Pathank. For coming up with this issue …We all need to work together against this con Mandeep Singh and Jaspreet Kaur . I m a Victim too and still fighting the case since 2016. We went through lot of stress Along with monetary losses. Just for future reference u can contact Detective Glen Rockwell( investigating officer). Will email u rest of the details .. Thanks Harpeet!!

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