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Meet & Greet – Stavros Anthony for Mayor

You’re invited to a Meet, Greet and a Fundraiser with City Councilman Stavros Anothny, Candidate for the Las Vegas Mayor, on Thursday, March 5th 2015.

Mayor Pro Tem & City Councilman Anthony is a true fiscal conservative and a vocal opponent on the Las Vegas City Council who has consistently opposed using tax payer funded privately owned soccer stadium in Las Vegas.  


Stavros Anthony is ready to go to work for you to build a better Las Vegas!

  • Anthony will ensure that tax dollars work for the people of Las Vegas and their families to improve their quality of life. His plan includes better and safer roads, improved emergency services such as fire and police, small business development and a focus on revitalizing parks, recreational facilities and neighborhoods.
  • Anthony has consistently voted against using tax dollars for private projects, including the controversial Downtown soccer stadium and the Mob Museum. In addition, he voted against the new City Hall project.
  • He fought for your right to decide if the soccer stadium should be built with taxpayer dollars by supporting to put it on the June 6th general election ballot. Unfortunately, the mayor and her supporters voted the ballot initiative down by a 4-3 vote, thus taking away your right to decide.
  • As mayor, Anthony will put an emphasis on developing a long term plan so the city can move confidently forward, not just with Downtown development, but in meeting the needs of the neighborhoods throughout the six city wards.


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